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"A woman read 20,000 Yelp reviews as part of her master’s studies. Her finding? Reviewers’ obsession with "authenticity" is white supremacy in action "

@directhex and if you have questions you want to ask someone who isn't a cis white dude, I can probably put you in touch

Reminder: there's a bunch of engineer jobs on various Xamarin things up on right now, at various seniority levels, including one on my team. Happy to answer questions!

Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out!

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#Rust 1.32 release highlights:
• awesome new dbg!() macro for debug-printing
• native (i.e glibc/libsystem_malloc) allocator instead of jemalloc by default (cuts down on binary sizes!)
• you can now use Self in more places
• more fn's became const fn's
• a new family of methods for converting between integers and their byte representations
• new things in macro_rules
• uniform paths: use statements now support the kind of item paths used elsewhere

I added flame chart profiler output option to Clang, so I could see where exactly time goes while it's compiling. Already found some good stuff! Here's a blog post with info

The History of @gnome podcast is back after the break, with the beginning of a new chapter. The first episode is a retrospective on GNOME 1.x before we take the plunge and work our way through GNOME 2.x: is back up and running. CfP for the #openSUSE Conference is open until Feb. 3, which is about two weeks from now.

:drake_dislike: Self-driving cars
:drake_like: Ubiquitous mass transit and bicycles

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