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Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena@mastodon.social

Started practicing Clementi's Sonatina op. 36 num. 4 on the piano. It is so pretty!

As a kid I used to think Clementi was a boring square, with some fun technique.

Now that my daughter is starting her Clementi, same op. but the first sonatina, I'm regaining an appreciation for his music.

I have to thank my piano teacher which I had as an adult, for really teaching me to sight-read and to get a good touch. I wish my piano teachers had managed that when I was a kid.

Federico, that's just a hash table with iteration.


It's to make it possible to have safe access to libxml2's (char **attributes) for XML elements.

It doesn't do string copies.

It lets Rust code access &str instead of CStr, with no copies.

It lets C code access (char *) as usual, with no copies.

It made me understand iterators with lifetimes.

Once all the pbag.lookup() in librsvg is replaced with iteration over perfect-hashed values, I'll be able to remove the old hash table.

Holy shit, I just finished redoing RsvgPropertyBag in Rust, with an extra API for consumption from C, with tests, and it is extra pretty.

I love it when the remaining C code has no idea that it is really calling Rust underneath, for seemingly low-level stuff.

Also, I love being able to write tests for C ABI functions... in Rust. Much easier than setting up a parallel C testing infrastructure.

They say you can fit three Earths in Jupiter's great red spot but I don’t think anyone has actually tried.

I like to use Builder for writing and stuff, and it it is extra cool because it is made by an actual human that I've actually met. Smashing job, @hergertme

many yaks were shaved to bring you this technical architecture

Current status of digressions:

- looking at floating-point stuff

- quickly checking something in the Wikipedia page for two's complement

- "what computers were one's complement?"

- reading about EDVAC and EDSAC

- "how do vacuum tubes even work?"

- "what if not Von Neumann architecture?"

stop me please, I have work to do.

Yaaaayyy!!!! Hey #Decentralization friends, I finally got #Scuttlebutt URLs loading correctly from a #WebExtension using Native Messaging and a #NodeJS based host app. Yes it is using a local HTTP server but this server is started by Native Messaging.

#Mozilla #ssb toot.cafe/media/bHd_anQ0zmLwpE

huonw.github.io/blog/2016/04/m describes the situation in more detail, and yes apparently if you have a security need for correctness in arithmetic you should use the exact operators you need, verbosely.

"how nerds destroy the world" (pictures for sad children) Show more

I did tshirts! With fluffy cat butts! (artwork by a lovely artist named Kaja) nekosocks.shop/collections/shi

Current status: looking at floating-point bit patterns to understand Cairo's conversions and having a blast.

I wanted to get unbiased fundamentals for actors, and I found the horse's mouth...

"The Actor Model (every thing you wanted to know...)"

I've mentioned it before, but here's a blogpost on Guix's upcoming participation in Outreachy and GSoC. Apply for a fun (and functional) summer internship! gnu.org/software/guix/blog/201

Good morning all. Carpe the hell out of this diem.