@federicomena The first PC I bought with my own money had one. The first PCs I used didn't.

@federicomena I remember it being there, but I don't remember it being useful in any way, shape, or form.

@fidgety @federicomena I used it to slow down the machine so certain games were playable.

Ah! Thanks for solving the mystery! If only I had known that in 1993. Maybe things would've turned out differently for me. Like, I could be president of the moon right now or something.

@federicomena I want to build a little drive bay device that just has a turbo button on it so I can stick it in my modern computer. Wouldn't do jack of course, but by the time I was around the OS was able to override it anyway.

@federicomena I think my first PC was before turbo buttons? I did have a turbo button at some point, though.

@federicomena One should start a project putting a modern ATX mobo into one of these chassis, and use the Turbo Button to enable/disable Turbo Boost. Just connect the button to one of the GPIO input.

Boost if you’re old, you mean? Geez, turbo buttons are gone for decades now…

@federicomena No wait, My first PC was actually the Radio Shack pocket computer the PC1.

@federicomena The first few PCs I used had turbo buttons, but they weren't "my" PCs. Boosting regardless!

@federicomena CP/M computers didn't have turbo buttons.

But I still use a PC with a turbo button, though now it is just a decoration because the board in that case has no connector for it. It is a very early ATX case but very serviceable so I don't want to part with it.

@federicomena whether speaking of the Apple or the IBM my first two PCs predated turbo buttons.

@federicomena Wouldn't pressing the boost button slow mastodon down?

@federicomena it didn't. it had a built-in midi-out, could read DD-disks and had the coolest function keys ever tho

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