@federicomena The first PC I bought with my own money had one. The first PCs I used didn't.

My family's first PC didn't have a turbo button, because it ran at 4.77 MHz. The one I took to college did (386sx-16), and the one I got in grad school did (486dx2-100). I think none of my later computers did.

@federicomena I remember it being there, but I don't remember it being useful in any way, shape, or form.

@fidgety @federicomena I used it to slow down the machine so certain games were playable.

Ah! Thanks for solving the mystery! If only I had known that in 1993. Maybe things would've turned out differently for me. Like, I could be president of the moon right now or something.

@federicomena from 8 mghz to 12 mghz... what a turbo boost. Quite usefull when playing Alley Cat and needing to turn it off.

@jofazepa @federicomena my first computer was a commodore64. However the first computer I built had a turbo button.

@robert @federicomena I wanted one of those... but my father just bought me a 286 with 516kb of ram. Before I was with a Zx Sectrum for many many years... still dread of the hours spent waiting to the k7 to load... gggrrrrrr... piiiiiii...grrrrrrr....

@jofazepa @federicomena if I had more time and money I would love to get back into retro computing.

@robert @federicomena oh! Yes. on those times the builders didn't make things thinking that the users were stupid, but that they will somehow learn. Nowadays computers are build to be user hazard free. Bad I sold those machines 😔

@federicomena I want to build a little drive bay device that just has a turbo button on it so I can stick it in my modern computer. Wouldn't do jack of course, but by the time I was around the OS was able to override it anyway.

@federicomena I think my first PC was before turbo buttons? I did have a turbo button at some point, though.

@federicomena One should start a project putting a modern ATX mobo into one of these chassis, and use the Turbo Button to enable/disable Turbo Boost. Just connect the button to one of the GPIO input.

Boost if you’re old, you mean? Geez, turbo buttons are gone for decades now…

@federicomena No wait, My first PC was actually the Radio Shack pocket computer the PC1.

@federicomena The first few PCs I used had turbo buttons, but they weren't "my" PCs. Boosting regardless!

@federicomena CP/M computers didn't have turbo buttons.

But I still use a PC with a turbo button, though now it is just a decoration because the board in that case has no connector for it. It is a very early ATX case but very serviceable so I don't want to part with it.

@federicomena turbo buttons were a solution to first world problems when your CPU only runs at 8MHz

@federicomena whether speaking of the Apple or the IBM my first two PCs predated turbo buttons.

@federicomena Wouldn't pressing the boost button slow mastodon down?

@federicomena it didn't. it had a built-in midi-out, could read DD-disks and had the coolest function keys ever tho

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