people, what Rust version is on 18.10? (Did 18.04 never take in Rust 1.26?)

@federicomena looks like 18.10 has 1.28 right now:

18.04 is probably gonna be stuck on 1.25 long term. I'd expect most people doing rust dev there to be backporting newer rust.

@kepstin Thanks. Damn, this means that 18.04 can't get librsvg 2.44.

@federicomena I wouldn't be expecting 18.04 to bump the librsvg version anyways, unless there was a CVE they couldn't fix otherwise.

@kepstin @federicomena Arguably every release is a security fix given that we still run around chasing the C API and 2.40 and 2.44 are EOL.

@federicomena looks like all Ubuntu versions are still on the pre-rust librsvg 2.40.x

@kepstin 😱 I hope they'd at least use 2.42! It works with Rust 1.21.

@federicomena it looks like the Debian folks have been working on a librsvg 2.42 package, but it's only in experimental so far.

Ubuntu appears to be just snapshotting the Debian package here, so you won't see an updated librsvg in Ubuntu until the next release after the Debian package makes it to sid (unstable), at the earliest.

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