@federicomena it's lyon's logo: github.com/nical/lyon
I had just received the stickers when you tooted and excitement was kinda making me show it off to everyone for no reason :)

That picture also happens to contain a gnome sticker (blurred out in the background).

@Nical Oooh, nice. I wonder if it would be useful to try to share low-level stuff like the path data parser.

@federicomena I am focusing on the tessellation/rendering part, the parser I use (mostly for testing) is not actually mine: crates.io/crates/svgparser
I think that it's a good crate for the little use I have had of it so far.

The lyon_bezier crate might be interesting for you, maybe? docs.rs/lyon_bezier it contains 2d line/bezier/arc math.
docs.rs/lyon_path_builder/ and docs.rs/lyon_path_iterator/ are generic utilities to build and iterate over paths.

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