I want to recommend Mastodon instances to people who suffer from online abuse. Does anyone know which instances have friendly codes of conduct / terms of service?

@federicomena check out that should be along the lines of what you're looking for 😊

@federicomena is extra-moderated, i would suggest that one!

@oliver thanks! Wasn't aware of that one. I wonder if it's more "safe space for a specific community" rather than a general purpose site?

@federicomena i don't think there are any limits on who can join, tho most of the userbase are queer furries just based on the name, lol

@oliver yeah, that's why I don't want to point everyone on twitter to it. Seems like intruding.

@federicomena only federates with other mastodon instances which is usefull because the rest of the fediverse holds the culture of old fashioned FLOSS.

@federicomena would be the place. it doesn't federate with anyone besides, which also has one of the biggest conduct codes out here

@federicomena! With many of the larger instances closed to registration, terms at Octodon are the reason I chose it

@federicomena What "friendly" means depends on their preferred comms strategy. To demonstrate opposite ends of the spectrum: attempts to be the ultimate "safe space" with aggressive moderation and strict code of conduct. is friendly to an extremely wide range of behavior, opinions, and so on giving users concerned about being forced into silence or self-censorship confidence that freedom of speech will be held above other interests.

@HedgeMage Got it, thanks. It's nice to see a general vibe of "pick your home carefully" here, not just barging in.

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