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Massimo fixed gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/librsvg - if you ever did "eog pitivi-icons.svg" and they looked weird, that's the reason. Also for libreoffice-*.svg.

The bug commonly just showed up on EOG... since it is one of the few apps passing a non-identity transformation to librsvg when rendering. Librsvg was screwing up clipping paths when the initial transformation is not an identity one.

Federico Mena Quintero @federicomena

And I just remembered about this bug by chance. Was looking at rsvg-bench, and how the libreoffice icons are much bigger/slower than other icons. Then I looked at one in EOG, and it was wrong. Then I looked at it in rsvg-view, and it was okay.

So I remembered about a bug I had seen in Bugzilla a long time ago... and there it was, with a proposed fix since two years ago.

Kids, do bug triage.

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