This is a chip carving knife. I really have very little idea of what I'm doing, but it is fun!

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This stand to hold a phone on a tripod took 20 minutes to make. Two strips of wood, nailed, with a 1/4" inset nut.

Then, I used a block plane to turn the square prisms into quick and dirty octagons. I'll refine the wands over the week and see if I can carve something on them.

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I then used a rabbet plane to make a groove at 45 degrees on a strip of wood. This lets me hold the wand blanks, which are square, to turn them into octagons.

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I made a jig to plane a consistent taper on the wands. With this they can be planed to a square prism.

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Next week we are having a Harry Potter themed birthday party for Luciana and Andrea, so I'm making wands for everyone.

Can I make two bedside tables, one for my daughter and one for myself, before the end of vacations?


When in München they try to give you a heart attack, they do it with love.

Through @hacklib I found out about

"The [Traditional Knowledge] Labels are a tool for communities to add existing local protocols for access and use to recorded cultural heritage that is digitally circulating outside community contexts."

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