:drake_dislike: Self-driving cars
:drake_like: Ubiquitous mass transit and bicycles

@sadie_bunny I inherited a no-frills Singer from my mom, supposedly good for upholstery fabrics, and it has been great so far for making bike bags.

@douginamug lots of fun. I don't know if the wands will work, but one can hope...

@sadie_bunny they aren't 😅 They are too flimsy; some even lack an internal metal frame. Thick fabric kills them really quickly.

I just published my post about making lyric videos with Aegisub, kdenlive, ffmpeg, and some quick & dirty script I wrote:


See the end of the post for a simplification of the workflow that you should probably use, if you want to try this for yourself!

Thanks again to @luka for the idea /cc @jartigag

total lunar eclipse this saturday night!!! visible for all of north and south america and some of europe: timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/

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No one codes like markov
Stuck in walls like markov
No one chases down angels Innistrad like markov
He's especialaly fond of stochastic models
Oh what a vamp that Markov.

This is a chip carving knife. I really have very little idea of what I'm doing, but it is fun!

This stand to hold a phone on a tripod took 20 minutes to make. Two strips of wood, nailed, with a 1/4" inset nut.

Did you know? You can use Java class names to send secret messages with morse code!

For instance

class AbstractFactoryFactoryFactoryBuilderBuilderBuilderFactoryFactoryFactory

would signal that the sender is in distress!

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This is part of a new series/experiments I'm doing. Cross Caribbean Dialogues. Starting w the Columbus monument in Barcelona.

I focus on the smaller details that most overlook, I wrote a poem & @whisperIIIwords (twitter) speaks them in Creole. Puerto Rico & Guadeloupe speak together.

Tainos were the first to die & the least to ever be named, their presence in the bas-reliefs at the monument are what strikes me those most.


@bugaevc @slomo @balrogboogie @alatiera ssssshhh, otherwise we won't be able to claim that Rust reduces infinite loops to a single instruction.

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