Wanted: backup software that will magically determine whether it will be faster to re-download/re-compute whatever is in ~/.cache instead of backing it up and restoring it.

@jsalvador Parece que la radio es una mierda en todos lados. La historia de estos tíos es interesante; varios de los que estaban en la radio rockera de los 80s, ahora están poniendo sus propios programas después de años y años.

@jsalvador Sí, mucha gente ha recopilado los programas viejos. Ersa *la* maravilla esa estación. Ahora existe otra vez: rock101online.mx/

Y uno de sus locutores, ahora escritor, transmite martes y jueves a las 22:00 de España: airelibre.fm/shows/jordi-soler

@n8 trying to figure out how to rhyme "malformed XML" -- it's hard to be a technical rapper.

openscore.cc is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from imslp.org using musescore.org. Should be a great learning experience! 🎼

@ebel I've been reading Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture by Arthur Evans and it's good.

death in the family 

I've been in Mérida since Sunday. My mom died this morning.

@ebassi @tindall the only thing I can think of is gtk_window_set_title_bar(w, headerbar) vs. inserting to a normal container.

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