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GTK+ hackfest is over, @mclasen posted summaries at and - highlights is GTK+ moving to @gitlab and planned initial GTK+4 release in fall, but will re-evaluate at GUADEC.

(I would have used the GNOME account, but don't have access to it at the moment)

arrived at #fosdem , if anyone wants to talk about #libhttpseverywhere, #libgtkflow and it's possibilities of usage or #oparl and #liboparl , #parceldude , or any other of my projects, drop me a toot.
- processing graphs in gtk
- HTTPSEverywhere outside the browser
- 1click-installer for multiple MSI packages

@mairin ooooh, and it has a stylus holder thingy? I think I want one...

I know neural nets are pattern-recognition algorithms incapable of sarcasm, but this is one of the most passive-aggressive ways I've seen to point out a typo.

Hello Mastodon,

I'm looking for pointers and tips on interesting approaches to internet guerilla activism. I.E. ideas in the same genre as setting up a Twitter bot to argue with alt-righters and anti-feminists.

If you got anything, just throw me a googlable term or link and I'll look into it

I am competent in web programming and able to read very technical stuff and currently researching for a 2-week teaching-tour on tools to fight online violence against women and minorities. Thx 😘

"It’s time to stand up to the machismo in the photojournalism industry. I hope that my coming forth with my experience will give other people in the industry the courage to do the same. To come forth with your experience, to stop being ashamed and start putting the blame where it belongs: With the people assaulting and harrassing us."

Nadia Narejo in our newest piece on;
"And then there was sexism in photojournalism":


The fifth annual international Gender Census is now open until 1st March 2018!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

What to do if you see antisocial benchs that are supposed to don't let people lay down to rest in order to increase gentrification?

Repair them!

Again for those who missed it: the Boston Public Library has a really nifty transcription tool on their site. If you can read cursive, you can help safeguard and digitize the history of slavery (and the abolition of slavery) in the United States. Check it out! #history #libraries #archives #digitalhumanities #dh #transcription #awesome

And I just remembered about this bug by chance. Was looking at rsvg-bench, and how the libreoffice icons are much bigger/slower than other icons. Then I looked at one in EOG, and it was wrong. Then I looked at it in rsvg-view, and it was okay.

So I remembered about a bug I had seen in Bugzilla a long time ago... and there it was, with a proposed fix since two years ago.

Kids, do bug triage.

Massimo fixed - if you ever did "eog pitivi-icons.svg" and they looked weird, that's the reason. Also for libreoffice-*.svg.

The bug commonly just showed up on EOG... since it is one of the few apps passing a non-identity transformation to librsvg when rendering. Librsvg was screwing up clipping paths when the initial transformation is not an identity one.

@hergertme yes, that would be extra nice. For example, @juanlibres wanted something like that for the setup phase of his spirulina sensors. Get a sensor gadget - plug it to your home net - how do you pair it with the data collection server.

I wrote a little blog post about how to use docker as a building environment

@erich I'm going to need to do this pretty soon, so thanks for the just-in-time post :)

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