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I mean they could have built a big-ass Russell' s Teapot in beautiful sheet metal and high gloss auto paint, but no. A fucking car.

We need some abundant, heavy, useless payload to test this rocket.

Just send a car, I dunno.

I recently adopted a dog and I'm sneaking him into my comic now

Turns out I broke a seldom-used, deprecated API in librsvg some time around 2.40.19. Just got a report about it.

Writing tests for the whole public API now - fortunately it's quite small. 😡 😡 😡

FINALLY finished this #TheShapeOfWater fanart I've been working on since I first saw the movie. It's such a gorgeous film I can't (T--T)

I had to stop adding to it 'cause then I tend to overwork stuff that I spend too much time on, so yeah, 'kay, done.

#illustration #art #mastoart #arte #fanart #digitalart

if you have a personal web log, please reply with the url!

an attempt to collect everyone’s blogs - so as to not let precious non-commercial content go unread and unnoticed - is likely the only time i’ll ever ask:

please boost this toot.

architects beware: if you only build men's and women's restrooms, non-binary people are legally allowed to pee anywhere in the building oh ok :) I hope you find a solution. Graphics are hard. are you talking about Cairo?

(It uses fixed point not to be fast, but to do Bentley-Ottman intersections. But it overflows with big coordinates.)

@DialMforMara it just sits by my computer. It peers with its googly eyes when I'm debugging something. I think it's laughing maniacally in its tiny insides.

I have this little critter from the 1980s or 1990s. I don't remember if it was my dad or my uncle who got a pair of them for my brother and I.

you find a scrap of paper that proclaims itself a map to a secret weapons cache, follow it, and find books on tool building and use.

The Difference Between Free/Libre and Open Source

“Free/Libre = Open Source + Ethics
Open Source = Free/Libre - Ethics”

—Christophe Lafon-Roudier, @Framasoft

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