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TFW I can't reproduce an old bug, I've proven that it is fixed because I'm exercising the only possible code path, but am not quite sure which commit fixed it.

librsvg 2.42.3 is out, with new features and tons of bugfixes!

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million dollar idea: leather jacket that has a fabric section where you can stick pins and patches

@jamey just took these two out of the oven; one will be a birthday present for a teenager who asked me to teach him programming a few years ago 😀

If I may Just Suggest:

Instead of letting 2038 only be talked about in terms of "the Year-2038 Problem",
can we please refer to it as "The Beginning Of The Second Unix Epoch"

What do you call a hacker that’s past their prime?

- Obso1337

#HackerDadJoke #Hacking

February's #zine finished, a typeset essay about fear, edition of 25, hand typed cover and finally letting myself use staples for binding

#mastoart #creativetoots

I think one of the reasons I stay so tightly knit inside the GNOME community is that virtually every other Linux'ish based community I've crossed into makes me want to leave computing behind altogether.

GNOME has created a bubble where I feel valued and that my time and effort makes a difference in peoples lives. It may not be a huge community, but it's consistently been the best choice for me.

@n8 used it years ago when gnome-emacs-utils was alive; if you left the the cursor on a symbol for a few secs, it would show you API docs for that symbol.

I did some experiments that really highlight how heavily image recognition algorithms depend on probability - and how unprepared they are for surrealism. #machinelearning

Meet the pirate queen making academic papers free online

Alexandra Elbakyan runs Sci-Hub, a website with over 64 million academic papers available for free to anybody in the world.

"A White Photographer Commercialized And Capitalized Off A Fake Black Model He Created Himself"

DAMN. This is some next-level erasure. Black people, stay woke, be ready. Damn.

Impressive Inkscape extension to do embroidery designs.

We need to figure out how to make it easier for Inkscape extensions to thrive outside the main Inkscape repos.

@Ev @Bullish thanks. If I remember correctly, the GNOME Foundation stopped accepting Bitcoin donations because as a USA non-profit, it was not clear what to do about taxes for those donations.

Kind of magical that with gitlab's CI I can run librsvg's test suite on hardware that I don't have.

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