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Old Japanese engraving: "A woman cuts the hem of a kimono so as not to wake a cat."

@aperezdc Hmmm, I'm starting to deal with fixed point overflows, which is not directly tied to the max surface size, but I am curious about it. Tell me more? When is that size not enough?

@catonano the most recent tag is 1.12.14; I didn't push all the tags to the gitlab repository. The code is up to date with Cairo's git master.

Camilo Aguilar on the rsync algorithm

These days, mobile phones are packed with multi core CPUs and even GPUs. Despite these advances in hardware, internet connections in most parts of the world are still surprisingly slow and unreliable. This creates a challenge: how can files be efficiently transferred between computers over a low-bandwidth, high latency network connection?

RT Whoever made this is a genius. I'm still chuckling.

"The term “currying” has nothing at all to do with the delicious foodstuff. Instead, it’s named after the mathematician Haskell Curry, who rediscovered a technique devised by another mathematician named Moses Schönfinkel. While Haskell Curry certainly contributed heaps to computer science, I think we’ve missed a fun opportunity to have a useful programming technique called schönfinkeling."

Current status: sanitizing librsvg's floating-point comparisons. In some cases we want to compare relative to Cairo's minimum representable fixed-point fraction; in others we want the big guns -

Writes code.

Writes a test.

Moves the test to rust inline docs.

Test doesn't get run.

Moves docs around.

Test still doesn't get run.

Asks around; realizes that all of rsvg_internals is actually not exported and so docs are not built for it.

*headdesk* has some info about the Builder work we've been doing to integrate w/ Purism's upcoming Librem5 phone.

@federicomena on behalf of the tproger team: we liked your post so much we translated it into russian (& it's featured on our frontpage rn):

TFW I can't reproduce an old bug, I've proven that it is fixed because I'm exercising the only possible code path, but am not quite sure which commit fixed it.

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