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Added support for building/running alternate architectures using Qemu/binfmt today.

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I thought Emacs opening image files like an image viewer was a bit of overkill... but it's just PERFECT for quickly going down Cairo's test results.

It's probably because I can leave windows in place and replace the images shown in them, much like a window manager that actually doesn't get in your way.

Don't @ me about tiling window managers please 🙉

Okay, so one test gets the Fuck It treatment and I force-regen its reference file; another one gets the XFAIL treatment since I don't know why it gets color fringing, and don't really want to find out right now.

There's no way this Cairo test could ever have worked. It fails if checked out at the commit when it was introduced. The dependencies haven't changed the relevant code.

I'm regenerating the test image the hard-ass way and calling Fuck It.

Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world. I used to think this way too, until I ran into Show more

@catonano I'm debugging extended-blend-mask right now. Glad that you discovered test/output/* :) Need to review test/README to see if it actually mentions that.

@calvin I'm suspecting that. About to try something.

(Annoyingly, it's in the PDF blend modes... which librsvg doesn't care about.)

@catonano Ah! I've already regenerated that test file. Try this branch?

It's where I'm seeing if test files just need to be regenerated, or if there are actual bugs to be fixed.

I can't bisect a problem in Cairo's test suite because I can't find an old revision that passes the test.

It *could* have been due to changes in pixman, but that code in pixman hasn't changed in the amount of time since the oldest revision in Cairo that I'm looking at.

Of course with plain pkg-config dependencies, there's no way to tie a git revision to the actual version of the dependency that it was tested with.

I.e. if there was Cargo.lock for C, this would be a lot easier.

Well, I didn't make it to the neighborhood meeting, but it's because I spent the last couple of hours overhauling my code of conduct resources:

Making more progress. You can push your app as a Flatpak to a device such as this tablet. Still needs more automation, but getting closer to something useful.

you know that saying that goes like
"be there or be square"?

i just realized why it's like that

it's cuz if you're not there, you're not around.

you're not a ROUND



to conceive of mech recursion, imagine remy from ratatouille piloting linguini piloting a part of voltron

RT @mgattozzi: I've just updated! It now contains some of the first stories of @rustlang's history: "Why do we have… source:

I wrote about how to download music files from YouTube instead of streaming them!

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