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And I just remembered about this bug by chance. Was looking at rsvg-bench, and how the libreoffice icons are much bigger/slower than other icons. Then I looked at one in EOG, and it was wrong. Then I looked at it in rsvg-view, and it was okay.

So I remembered about a bug I had seen in Bugzilla a long time ago... and there it was, with a proposed fix since two years ago.

Kids, do bug triage.

Massimo fixed - if you ever did "eog pitivi-icons.svg" and they looked weird, that's the reason. Also for libreoffice-*.svg.

The bug commonly just showed up on EOG... since it is one of the few apps passing a non-identity transformation to librsvg when rendering. Librsvg was screwing up clipping paths when the initial transformation is not an identity one.

I wrote a little blog post about how to use docker as a building environment

Wheeee! @alatiera rewrote librsvg's stroke-dasharray parser in Rust, and better matches the spec now.

Kid asks, "Dad, can I borrow a Bitcoin?"

Dad replies, "Son, $10000 is a lot of money? I'm not sure I even have $9300 on me! What do you need $8700 for?"

gnome-class compiles again! Now to port it to the new syn/quote API...

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If you are doing automatic connections to peers on a local network, you probably want to be using TLS these days.

Using TLS generally requires a CN to validate. But you can use self-signed certs and TOFU (Trust on First Use) in some cases

Doing that requires generating keys. And generating keys requires using something like openssl. And learning openssl is a pain in the ass.

So I made a helper to asynchronously generate a GTlsCertificate for use in your glib/gtk apps.

Privacy could be the next big thing. My talk from @hackferencebrum about privacy, and how people are uneasy about what's being done with their data. And how to explain that it doesn't have to be this way.
Also includes chocolate for the audience.

RT A 1920s prediction of the horror and inconvenience that would occur if anyone ever invented a pocket telephone...

(For extra fun, gdk-pixbuf split apart from gtk2 at some point. The %patch81 is in a version of gtk2 that still had gdk-pixbuf embedded in it.)


(All the previous stuff is due to me pondering why we are at %patch81 in Suse's gtk2 package, the one that is supposed to get support for 10 years.)

Men's fashion needs more cute. Needs more variety in general, but expanding the cute would help with that. (But anyone trying to bring fake pockets over to men's fashion should be sent back to fashion preschool - and/our have all their pockets taken away)

@federicomena There are major social/financial woes to address here, obviously, but let me ignore those for a moment: from a technology standpoint we have a gaping hole in tools for manipulating source code. Perhaps Coccinelle is enough to automate significant parts of a transition from Gtk3 to Gtk4, for apps written in C at least? But I think we need better tools for building reusable parsers, pretty printers, and AST transformers. …I have extensive notes on this topic. 😅

A brilliant #netneutrality demo: YouTuber Rob Bliss set up traffic cones and rode his bike in the one available lane so that he could “throttle” traffic, unless drivers wanted to pay a $5 fee!

As long as there have been marriages, 18th anniversaries have been celebrated with dry ingredients.

Hello Mastodon!

This is an account for the gender census:

It's an annual survey that gathers information and statistics on the language we gender-diverse people use to describe ourselves. Last year our survey got ~10,000 responses, which I'm pretty proud of! Here it is:

Because there are so many participants I've had to start crowdfunding to cover costs. This year it's £150.

#trans #nonbinary #genderqueer

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