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i want to find my and peeps on this thing, if you write about your or your , is there like a hashtag people use or something?

here is a selfie for these dark times

Okay so it's super late at night and no one will see this but I gotta mention some #BlackPanther related things that came to mind

- the natural nuclear reactors in Gabon:

- Mansa Musa I, the 14th-century Malian emperor, who spent so much gold on hajj that he inadvertently tanked the Mediterranean market:

We are looking for a talente artist who can design a logo for the engagement team on our gitlab instace - details at - Thank you!

yay! Got my GNOME foundation membership today!

Just enabled ccache in Gitlab-CI for librsvg.

Damn, it takes 1min/job to do incremental builds of librsvg in the Gitlab-CI now.

Caching both rust and C artifacts now.

If anyone took care of #206, it would also reduce the build time.

All the gnome-class tests pass again. Onwards with development!

Whoa nice. Paradigms of Aritficial Intelligence Programming (a lisp classic) is now libre and available online

Today I realized that I cannot expect people on the Internet to have heard of the Geek Social Fallacies any more.

The Geek Social Fallacies are five things that geeks often believe about How Socializing Should Work, that cause a lot of conflict. I've found them to be pretty useful as a way to put a handle on certain concepts, and maybe even avoid going into bad situations.

(Looking at them in 2017, I find myself wondering how many of the GSFs the design of most social networks is running straight into...)

ummmmmm i just saw bret victor talk about dynamicland and it upended all of my conceptions about programming, how had i not even known about this until now

Refactoring a so I can coordinate librsvg / librsvg_internals / gir generation / rsvg-rs / Rust tools

Current thoughts:

* Hot damn, Makefiles can actually be refactored.

* And they are stringly-typed and thus suck.

* could there be strongly-typed build systems

* maybe that's what meson/bazel/whatever are about?

* bah, I don't really want to learn build systems; I do well when given an already- working one that I can tweak incrementally.

how the ~~sausage~~ doctests get made #rustlang

in which i spend 1000 words describing a single function in rustdoc - the one that massages doctests into something that can be compiled as a bin

✋ 🤚

🖐 👁 👁 🖐

@federicomena woohoo, I got a git checkout compiling on my macbook pro! :D A few oddities building under macOS, but nothing insurmountable. I'll write up some instructions for later.

Current status: merging librsvg and rsvg-rs.

Real current status: kind of shitting my pants.

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