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No offense but horror movie directors are doing movies all wrong. Like they think horror is “jump scares” and gore and shit but real talk there’s no type of horror more palpable and hair-raising than the very real horror of a guy calling himself a nice guy and then you a stuck up bitch in the same breath

My statements become more nonsensical and frantic the more anxious I become

I've just ditched discord in favor of telegram, so if you need to contact me feel free to poke me on telegram (at)ClipseyPone

“Hey bro what’s the answers to the test questions I didn’t study because the reading looked mad gay”

when ur mom walks in your room and you have rat titties on your screen

if she's your girl why did she lead me to the back of a Denny's parking lot at 2:37 AM to stab me 23 times before leaving????????? 🤔🤔

i don’t need to be a greek rp account because im already icarus. i went to close to mastodon and my eyes melted into a puddle

Hey guys. I can send you back years. 

Just hate when the sun hits my screen and makes me forced to see my dissociating glazed eyed reflection like wtf you think I’m on the scene for bitch!!! I wanna forget about who I am you dumbass fucking disco ball in the sky

I’m still thinking about the “whats the worst gift your parents ever gave you” and the response was “an assigned gender” because god ME

i know what i said about cringe culture being bad but if you ship real live people together unironically and get absolutely livid when they have affections for other people because you know, they aren't characters, please turn on your location i just wanna talk

listening to undertale jazz covers this afternoon so you know im doing just fine

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