remember that time 10 years ago when gave me the green light to review a can of curry I found in a vending machine? I do.

some days you see what's trending in Japan and you just do not want to know any more information

my wife prepared two patties, two slices of cheese, and two buns so I had authentic steamed hams for lunch

The Japanese Gemini Man trailer uses the local pronunciation of "gemini" where both i-sounds rhyme so it sounds very very close to "Jiminy Man" and I laugh every time

Cleaning the living room today I found this, coated in dust, underneath the TV. We’ve been in this house for eight years and have never owned a VCR...
if I play this, I will die 📼☠️

my son has a piece of clothing with his kanji written on it and I’m positive this is how Akuma got started
(Akuma: 豪鬼 in Japan)

this is my first meal of the day and it’s not 11AM yet so I’m calling this brunch

All week I've been reminiscing about my first experience as a freelancer back in 2009 and I have found pictures of me on this day ten years ago in Shibuya at karaoke circa 3AM

Today marks 10 years since I became a freelance writer. I was standing in line to enter my first event (business day at Tokyo Game Show) and I was so proud of myself that I took a selfie:

I am watching the in an Irish pub, eating Irish nachos, and I am wearing the most “rugby” shirt I own (His great-great-grandfather played the sport!)

today is a dark day in Japanese history
Shakey’s Pizza Buffet in Osaka is no more 🍕 😢

here’s how extra my boss is: she asked me if I wanted anything at the store, I said “I’d like some cheese” and she brought back a cheese fondue set and a bunch of stuff to dip into it 🧀✨

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