I spent my lunch hour explaining MUGEN to my very-non-gamer boss and I wish you could have seen the face journey she made.

Filter choice makes a big difference now that my hair isn’t boring brown anymore 🤳 💎 ♥️

I haven’t tasted it yet but there’s a new Coke flavor and I am extremely hyped right now

Always funny when Twitter misinterprets a trending topic in Japan; no one in this country is tweeting about the HYDE amendment

tried to go to bed an hour early so my body responded by waking me up THREE hours early, pre-dawn! And in Japanese summer, that's saying something.

Coke Japan has a new “clear lime” flavor and I think it’s just Sprite (which already exists here) in a new bottle?

I have a new favorite fighting game character and his name is VINCENT. Thanks, @retropalshq@twitter.com! youtu.be/16l2ACkg6kk

It's been a struggle to find Krispy Kreme in Osaka so it's good to know the next time I'm in New York I can just follow "the world's largest Hot Light" to discover a "glaze waterfall" gothamist.com/2019/06/10/immer

I’ve been sick for days but still went to work yesterday. Today I finally called in sick and went to the doctor.
Turns out I’m feverish.

there was a delay on the train home tonight and I kid you not, this was the entire English message to waiting passengers

my daughter complained it was “unfair” that I already read the manga for JoJo Golden Wind, so I told her she should read it.
Now she’s learning all about Diavolo and Chariot Requiem a week early.

living in Japan means one day you might walk up to your neighborhood Pepsi machine and find out there’s no more Pepsi

I am not well today so I’m eating curry for strength and motivation

Does every soccer team get their own cross-promotion with ? Because Gamba Osaka does.

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