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I finnally "fixed" my Oculus Rift CV1 cable. I couldn't determine which wire was faulty, so I just immobilized the damaged section. Worked perfectly so far!

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somebody who knows how to use pipewire, please, send help

boost this otherwise <3

I started playing and got kinda attached to my little colony.

They are doing well so far! 🐜

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A vaccuum cleaner that doesn't suck does indeed suck if you think about it.

Inspired by @encarsia

I'm doing today. The toilets at my office are being renovated and I noticed I'm not drinking enough water because of that. So everyone. 🥤

is anybody there?

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"[JRASERVER-65811] Change the string "allopenissues" to not include the word "penis""

submitted by argio

I spent all night optimising my avatar only to end up with a broken pile of triangles that looks like something out of Silent Hill ... is a bitch sometimes

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We started having lunch breaks together at work. It's kinda weird after all this home office.

You wouldn't believe how much personal satisfaction gave me last night. If anyone deserves this, then it's facebook.

I am surprised how well mastodon deals with the good old 32 kbit/s torture my phone provider puts upon me after I ate all my data bytes.

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If I could, I would ban wireless headphones. You don't need to occupy radio frequencies to cover the distance from your pocket to your ear.

So, apparently downloading your motion photo as MP4 does not work on Mastodon. Well, the good old GIF is fine.

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