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somebody who knows how to use pipewire, please, send help

boost this otherwise <3

I started playing and got kinda attached to my little colony.

They are doing well so far! 🐜

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A vaccuum cleaner that doesn't suck does indeed suck if you think about it.

Inspired by @encarsia

@stux @adb According to reddit it actually works. But some people say that it requires a vacuum pump at the top.

@adb @stux I do not think it being sealed at the top could create enough pressure to hold that water. I say black magic! Burn the witch!

@adb @stux I still don't understand what I'm seeing. How is that physically possible?

I'm doing today. The toilets at my office are being renovated and I noticed I'm not drinking enough water because of that. So everyone. 🥤

@sjb it would depend on the type of bird I guess

@sjb Thats interesting! I did not know that.

@dxciBel I saw something like that too, but I thought it would be so much harder to hit minimize/maximize/close buttons on windows.

@citrusui To be honest, as much as I hated IE11 back then, it's very resource efficient compared to modern browsers.

Too bad it doesn't even work at all. (see image)

@citrusui is that a thing? Please tell me it's not a thing.

@dxciBel Bottom. Because the bottom of the screen is closest to me.

is anybody there?

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"[JRASERVER-65811] Change the string "allopenissues" to not include the word "penis""

submitted by argio

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