A compensation of Rs 2,904.36 crore needs to be paid to farmers in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region for the crop loss caused by unseasonal rains, a government report has said.

The state is currently under President's rule.


Everytime a country that is accused of violating human rights is asked questions their first sentence is how some other community also sometime in the past was treated unfairly. This is not a defense but actually a confirmation that the country is violating human rights *NOW*.

I don't know why Govt of India keeps sending people to talk about Kashmir pandits because that is totally irrelevant to what is happening now and is actually a confirmation of allegations against India.

On of my students works as a Zomato Delivery boy while pursuing a post graduation degree in Mass Communication in Jadavpur University. It is only possible because education is state funded.

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Oh, the day we would stop mistaking 'privilege' for 'merit'. What a glorious day that would be.

This is the attitude of Upper Caste BJP supporters. The "make Pakodas" mentality. Be servile, you are a lower caste so be happy and stay there in the gutter and never aspire to be more.

Do you now know why an educated Dalit is such an anathema to the Hindoo?

Some protesting JNU students say that they will quit studies if hostel fee hikes are implemented scroll.in/article/943387/some-

The draft hostel manual proposes to raise the hostel mess security deposit to Rs 12,000 from Rs 5,500.

Do you know why is detested by the Sanghi folks?

Because a university that subsidizes education for Dalits, and people from the remotest corners of the country, is the biggest nightmare for right wingers.

More uneducated you're, the more you'll buy into their shit ideology.

But JNU teaches you to see through their bullshit, think independently.

Independent thought - like free speech - is a powder keg.

Google is gathering health data on millions of people 

The data involved in the project reportedly includes laboratory results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalisation records.

secret project: Nightengale


which is why it doesn't matter how many absurdities and contradictions and failures of the govt you point out, they refuse to change their stance. They already know. They've accepted those things because they've chosen to put the false ideals of "nationalism" and religious superiority above everything else.

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There is nobody in India today who is "unaware" of the rise in fascism. Those who aren't outright against it have wholly accepted the fascism.

all the boastfulness that has been displayed, a poison has been distilled into the veins of India and, slowly but surely, the country proceeds toward savagery. (2/2)

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All the reports of 'peaceful' scenes in India are making me paraphrase and marginally change Aimé Césaire's words: On Saturday, civilization acquired another dead weight, a universal regression took place, a gangrene set in, a center of infection spread further, and at the end of all the social contracts that have been violated, all the lies that have been propagated, all the punitive expeditions that have been tolerated, at the end of all the religious pride that has been encouraged, ... (1/2)

has been under lock down for over three months. Lets keep reminding people of that.

A threat of demographic change looms over the heads of the residents of a UN-recognised disputed region.



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