@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks You said recently on your show that Wire open sourced their server side and then said that Signal's wasn't, but that's not true. Signal's server side code has been open source for years github.com/WhisperSystems/Sign And as opposed to Wire, Open Whisper Systems does not keep logs (not even for 72 hours, which is what Wire does). Signal is tried and tested whispersystems.org/bigbrother/

( ovo) *spins furiously*
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I too wish to embrace freedom and decentralization so I can stop 'bad guys' with 'subversive content': mastodon.cloud/users/eileenb/u

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"Nowaday they hangin' us by a different tree
Branches of the government, I can name all three
Judicial, legislative and executive"

The new joey bada$$ album is :fire: :fire:

queerantagonistic violence 

just heard someone screaming slurs openly outside in public


Have you ever wanted to wash your lungs with liquid oxygen?

The leak confirms that four telecoms were targeted: mobilink in pakistan, chinamobile, gabon telecom and telesat sattelite provider. One of the things they look for once inside is "IMEIs that have more than one IMSI associated with it".

A list of the various NSA/Equation Group target URLs that was too long for a toot:


Seems like NSA/Equation Group has been on Telesat's satellites since at least 2003:

Linux/bin/tn.spayed:# INTONATION___voyager1.telesat.com.co___66.128.32.68___20030821-014410
Linux/bin/tn.spayed:# INTONATION___enterprise.telesat.com.co___66.128.32.67___20030124-001006

What's this? The US (NSA/Equation Group) was hacking russian government mailservers?

Linux/etc/sha1sums.previous:0AEDC194474DB2F9D0D180A8D8AAAB9B27873D97 Wed Oct 7 14:34:06 2009 [PITCHIMPAIR.12] stoicsurgeon_ctrl__v__1.5.13.5_x86-freebsd-5.3-sassyninja-mail.aprf.gov.ru
Linux/etc/sha1sums.previous:0F357135CBE7BEFAB89397DFC6ABB5C07A968B27 Tue Oct 20 13:28:26 2009 [PITCHIMPAIR.12] stoicsurgeon_ctrl__v__1.5.16.12_x86-freebsd-5.3-sassyninja-mail.aprf.gov.ru

Some targets of by equation group in mission sicklestar:

-> server-vas-i10.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (unix)
-> alien.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (unix)
-> CDRCOL1.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (unix)
-> lhedc1.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (windows)
-> cs02.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (windows)
-> fs01.mobilink.net.pk SICKLESTAR (windows)


# local exploit against Xorg for the following versions:
# Xorg X11R7 1.0.1, X11R7 1.0, X11R6 6.9
# Includes the following distributions:
# MandrakeSoft Linux 10.2, Ubuntu 5.0.4, SuSE Linux 10.0,
# RedHat Fedora Core5, MandrakeSoft Linux 2006.0
# Fails-on - Xorg X11R7 1.0.2 and greater and less than Xorg X11R6 6.9.
## Requirements - Target needs to have the Xorg binary as SETUID root.

# Exploits the Xorg X server by allowing unprivileged users load arbitrary modules

The Shadow Brokers - don't read if you hold clearance 

Just in case you missed it: The Shadow Brokers has published a rant and the password for their tool dump.


Password for c&p is:


Files, for those needing them, at:


(thanks to @kript3ia for reminding me)

mom: hey son I joined this new Mastodon thing
me: oh shit mom, I coulda helped you find a server, which one did you choose?
mom: well I liked the privacy policy on satanic.bikerladi.es but then communist.blaze.party had the shortest ping latency so

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