Someone from the merchant called me back. Looks pretty certain that my most recent credit card compromise was because they were hacked with transaction capturing malware. I'm not the only one.

Fyi I'm going to start shifting over to, but I won't be abandoning this account just yet. Given my usual, it will take a while.

Spouse came home from the Halted going out of business extravaganza with a bunch of stuff.

Lots of nice tools, including many hundreds of dollars worth of PanaVise accessories.

And we now have approximately 6000 more resistors than we had yesterday. The packages weren't all labeled.

Sad to see the old silicon valley continue to vanish. Maybe they will be able to sell the business, or maybe rent increases will make it no longer viable.

I saw posters that the pope was going to visit Palermo, did not know it was going to be near where I was staying. I left literally just in time.

I wonder if the event was at the big traffic circle that has a huge anti-mafia remembrance sculpture. It's right next to the park where the homeless people were sleeping. The port area is grungy, but the memorial is a nice green patch.

T-mo marketing spam that I should pre-order something with "the largest display ever on an iPhone."

Yup, I bought a phone online today. A refurbished SE.

Working my way through various piles of to-do.

I have an an email about a data breach, from an online merchant I shopped with once. Apparently there is no indication of personal data being misused. But I had to cancel that credit card two weeks later. Hmmm.

When I swapped sims, I had a better look at damage to my travel phone. Noticed it a couple days into the trip. I don't remember dropping it or anything.

Not clear what is going on here, the phone still works.

@millenomi now that I'm back home, is there anything in particular I should do regarding the iPhone Vodafone business? I haven't synced the phone yet, but I need to.

I have the device, a pre-trip backup, and my Vodafone paperwork.

I can tell I'm back on my way to the US. Rude and annoying people. Someone manhandled my pack shoving his bag in the overhead. Seat mate unexpectedly threw his bag in front of my face into his seat and wandered away.

This time I booked a room package that included dinner. The server doesn't speak English, but does speak Italian. We're good. Very Munich.

Went to Hauptbahnhof and picked up some gummy candy and a snack. This photo pretty much sums up how European travel works in our household:

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Its not raining yet and it's still early. So the big question is do I go to Hauptbahnhof or Marienplatz? I haven't been to either in years. I've got 20 minutes to decide.

Watching people try to cram overstuffed American-size carryons in the overhead on this ERJ-195. Um yeah about that.

Another high quality Star Alliance partner seat assignment. At least I have one.

I have a nearly complete change of clothes in my carry-on, which is good. Because the first things I'm going to do at the hotel is wash this bug spray off.

Not planning to go anywhere tonight because the Munich weather is forecast to be mostly shitty. Knitting and burning my sim data.

Figured out where I got bit. Inside the airport. The terminal pharmacist was not at all surprised. Suggested some repellent too.

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In the process of getting from the apartment to the airport, another mosquito got me. And anything I could use to stop it itching is in the checked baggage. Because liquids.

Us/it politics 

But somehow Trump is also a "patriot" trying to do a good job for the American people.

I pointed out that Trump's picture of who is American leaves out a lot of people. He didn't disagree. Maybe that will change his opinion a bit.

He's very worried about refugees, but thinks the problem is that the rest of Europe has left Italy holding the bag. (Had particularly unkind things to say about Hungary.)

The only thing we could firmly agree on is it's all a big political mess.

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