If you're planning to bring your Apple ARM-based laptop with incredible battery life to the local hipster coffee shop…

…make it the eMate 300.

Game development is weird because you can be like, "hey everyone stop what you're doing and play the game" and it's actually okay and no one can get in trouble for it because it's literally the job.

The proposals include, among others:

🔹European minimum wages
🔹Guaranteed access to healthcare
🔹Accomplishing the green transition


📷 EP: Michel Christen

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Steven Sinofsky has a really good series on software development back in the day, at MS. This on bloatware and the need to fit into the feature reviews

🧸They did not pack toys.
As their bags were already full of necessity goods.
So Romanian volunteers stepped up to fill the void.

The "Toys Bridge" in Sighet 🇷🇴 became a place of comfort for children fleeing the horrors of war.

We all #StandWithUkraine

This clip exemplifies a lot of why DS9 was so good. My heroes, Quark and Garak

The final plenary of the 🇪🇺 Conference on the Future of Europe is starting this afternoon in Strasbourg.

Citizens from all EU countries are meeting to discuss and endorse a final set of proposals to present to EU institutions.

🔴 LIVE ⤵️


Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

Tonight on Star Trek: The Next Generation
Data can't escape a dream but they ran out of the special effects budget and just solved everything with a meeting.

In an interview, former U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster calls on the West to dramatically increase weapons deliveries to Ukraine. He also lays out four aims for dealing with the "revisionist dictatorships" in Moscow and Beijing.
Former U.S. National Security Adviser McMaster on the War in Ukraine: "It Has Already Escalated"
#RussiasWarAgainstUkraine #Russia #VladimirPutin #Ukraine #NATO #EuropeanUnion #World
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