All this nonsense with faceapp has forced me to admit that I've recently been using toilet roll that contains aloe vera and right now my ringpiece looks younger than I do.

In order to maintain parity with faceapp I'm going to send a before and after shot to Asda.

On the preferences page you can select which languages to remove from your public timeline views

You can also hide content from specific domains from profile dropdowns, though I highly discourage the use of that feature unless absolutely necessary

I've been working on a new version of OnionShare with some cool new features. Would anyone like to test it out, let me know what you think and if you find bugs before I release it?

You can download OnionShare 1.1.dev1 here:

The major features it includes a bundled Tor binary (no more needing to open Tor Browser in the background) and it alerts you when updates are available.

As much as it galls me to say this as an Englishman, well done France, you didn't fuck this up.

@Gargron something's wrong with toot times mate, stuff I've just posted says it was posted 2 hours ago

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