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When you're drinking a can of soda, and you hold the can low near the bottom. Then you take a tiny sip and turn to smile at nothing because you pretend you're in Pepsi commercial.

Some people say the open the fridge over and over when they're hungry expecting something new to magically show up. I just keep opening it to see what I'm desperate enough to eat now.

With all the talk of AI/automation taking jobs, whoever thought it would be putting models out of work first?

An advanced artificial intelligence in Japan can now generate high-resolution, photorealistic renderings of entire bodies of people who donโ€™t exist โ€“ complete with faces, clothing and hair.

Total bandwagon here, but the latest Game of Thrones episode was absolutely crazy. It was like a full movie. Quite the emotional rollercoaster too.


I'd do how-to's on making spicy sausages. I'd call it Salami Mommy.

If I was a stay at home mom, I would take up origami as a hobby. Once I got pretty good, I would start a YouTube channel where I would just record close ups of the paper folding while chill music plays in the background. I would call it Origami Mommy. If only I were a woman.

Mondays make me want to rebel.

every. damn. time.

I feel like Robert Irvine is in the midst of a branding crisis. He's trying to be a celebrity chef, a health guru, a guy who saves restaurants. I feel like he really wishes he was Gordon Ramsay and is just always steps behind him.

Our lights started flickering and then I heard sparking. One of our light fixtures had white smoke billowing out. Wife took the kids outside and I called the FD. Firefighters are awesome. They said calling them was the right thing, but I still felt weirdly embarassed for having to call them.

The favicon for w3schools reminds me of Gavin Belson's signature. ๐Ÿค”

Really hard to find any thorough/concise information on using Jenkins shared libraries. Most just parrot the official Jenkins sayHello() example. What code should be kept on vars/ vice src/org/foo? So confusing.

When you had a good day and want to treat yourself, so you cook the Hungry Man in the oven instead of the microwave.

There should be a macaroni salad flavoured condiment. It'd be great on hoagies and stuff.

Looking at other pages, it appears the e-mail is in the source of every article of NYT currently.

WTF is there an internal New York Times e-mail hidden in the source of this NY Times article about "Sitting for More Than 13 Hours a Day May Sabotage the Benefits of Exercise"?

I love just chilling and bumpin' Migos in my headphones. So good, man. Just listen to their music while reading the lyrics on Genius, their lexicon is so dope.

One of the most frustrating dilemmas is when GrubHub delivers food but forgets something small like the dipping sauce for nuggets or garlic bread or a drink. Like what do you do? Do you make a big deal about it when the missing item is worth less than a dollar? It's not worth much but it missing completely ruins the meal in many cases.

All controversy aside, I would totally watch a Netflix reality-series about recently out of work life-long truckers going through a coding boot camp and then trying to find employment in a tech job.

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