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When you're drinking a can of soda, and you hold the can low near the bottom. Then you take a tiny sip and turn to smile at nothing because you pretend you're in Pepsi commercial.

Anyone who was claiming Trump was an oligarch better be screaming now that Bloomberg is literally buying the Democratic primary.

@fewl according to is a singer who joined the band in #2007:

(Him being Filipino would also explain why he didn't speak Japanese to the crowd in this concert 😏)

It's an excellent performance regardless, and if they keep replacing band members with younger ones, they can rename themselves to Eternal Journey 😅

I had no idea Journey's new singer was a Japanese guy. His version is awesome as the original.

Watch "Journey - Don't Stop Believin' (Live In Japan 2017: Escape + Frontiers)" on YouTube

Reminder of the day:
You are not important.

You are valuable, loved and beautiful. But you are not more important than anyone else.

We all are worthless and universe doesn't give a fuck about us.

Is it just me or is the VMware site _really_ hard to navigate?

I've found myself watching CBSN live on Pluto TV. They seem to be pretty center/neutral.

This video is hilarious. The final question from Klobuchar was directed at the House managers. Nadler ran to the podium, while Schiff can be heard calling 'Jerry' over and over. The more telling thing is I'm unable to find this clip anywhere but on typically right-leaning news sources.

**Britain hands in Brexit file as British EU lawmakers say 'au revoir'**

"Britain's ambassador to the European Union passed documents formalizing Brexit to a senior EU official on Wednesday, hours before European lawmakers are due to sign off on a deal that will see Britain finally quit …"

#news #bot

So this is what actual collapse of social order looks like. Should this happen here, all I can do is appreciate that we still have the 2nd Amendement.

How Chinese villages around coronavirus epicentre stop Hubei residents fleeing to their land | Daily Mail Online

Falafel platter (was planning to try it for the first time) was $11.99.

Beef Gyro was $9.99

Doordash: $48.05

More than DOUBLE! Doordash sucks.

As much as I love listening to Hip Hop, there are way too many songs with explicit descriptions and metaphors of someone swallowing their semen nowadays. I mean...come on.

Question for those much more deeply involved in StackExchange than I have ever been...what's with all the ongoing drama lately? Seems a bunch of really liked people have decided to leave. I know there was a CoC that started to drive a wedge in the user base, but I thought that had gotten resolved.

@fewl yes, use hostnames that match the IP address

if your server is, set the hostname to oneninetwodotonesixeightdotonedotthirthyfive.local

this way you'll never forget the IP address if DNS is broken

I'm creating a new hypervisor and some VMs and trying to come up with a fun naming theme. Not looking to use:
• Harry Potter
• Greek/Norse gods
• Planets
• Superhero names
• Colors

Any ideas?

Me selling paintings I made, boosts help me find clients 

Students at an Iranian University refusing to step on the American and Israeli flags painted on the ground.

This "autonomous security" company creates commercial robots intended to be law-enforcing police bots.

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