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When you're drinking a can of soda, and you hold the can low near the bottom. Then you take a tiny sip and turn to smile at nothing because you pretend you're in Pepsi commercial.

Apparently Slack now has automated workflows. Is anyone using these in the wild?

Hong Kong should be free. So should Kurdistan.

Audible gave me a free credit to by any audio book they sell. Can anyone recommend a book?

"Clark Kent is Superman!"
"Superhero identified as local reporter by his gait and facial recognition."

Yang was right on the money when he said the best way to fight back against Big Tech is the ensure that our personal data is our personal property. He said our data is worth more than oil and if companies make money on our data, they do so with our permission and we share in the profits.

Rep. Lloyd Smucker Tweeted

The Democrats are CUTTING OFF THE MIC of the Republican Whip when asking about the secret impeachment inquiry.The House won’t vote, they won’t let republicans participate, and now they won’t even talk about it. The American people deserve transparency, not secret political trials.

I think a good way to convey the threat of surveillance, big tech, and lack of privacy to the average person would be to have a comic book of superheroes trying desperately, but being unable, to hide their secret identities because of the vast amount of information that is available to pretty much anyone.

I think Tulsi Gabbard is great, but I just don't think she's radical enough to win the nomination. She'd make a great Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State maybe.

Elizabeth Warren: Let me be clear about this...*continues to talk around the answer*

Watching the debate on CBSN Live and it's the most neutral political coverage I've seen in a long time. Refreshing.

I want to be invited to one of Young Ma's (rapper) Atlanta parties. Just standing around looking awkward and out of place.🕺🏻

The even that really led to the proclamation of Columbus Day. 11 Italian Americans lynched by an angry mob in New Orleans. Did Howard Zinn ever mention this?

The Grisly Story of America’s Largest Lynching

Innocent Italian-Americans got caught in the crosshairs of a bigoted mob.

NPR has a daily show called 1A, named after the First Amendment. Today's guest was an author who is advocating for limits on the First Amendment. No guest was on to be the contrarian. This is the state of discourse in 2019.

Happy Day to the many Italian-Americans whose contributions have been vital to the growth and prosperity of the US.

"Many Italian-Americans observe Columbus Day as a celebration of their heritage, and the first such celebration was held in New York City on October 12, 1866. The day was first enshrined as a legal holiday in the United States through the lobbying of Angelo Noce, a first generation Italian, in Denver."

no art updates recently. my city (Quito) is currently under curfew and militarization after 12 days of protests and violence that has paralyzed the streets.🙃

please keep my country in your thoughts.

I'm surprised they don't have an emoji for Native Americans (the Continent as a whole).

TIL Canadians have a Thanksgiving. I think that's really awesome. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Canadians! 🇨🇦 🍁 🦃 🥧

I’m not sure I have words for the level of relief one feels after FINALLY getting the long over-due final entry in a series sent off to the publisher. I’ve been floating through this entire weekend.

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