I'm creating a new hypervisor and some VMs and trying to come up with a fun naming theme. Not looking to use:
• Harry Potter
• Greek/Norse gods
• Planets
• Superhero names
• Colors

Any ideas?

@fewl Obscure character names from 80's movies...

Or Character names played on screen Clint Howard... (this one could be used for ipv6 addressing and you wont run out... O_o)

Maybe I should just name everything `Tremors#` since that was his best movie.

butterfly species (or some other species)

fabric patterns

@fewl yes, use hostnames that match the IP address

if your server is, set the hostname to oneninetwodotonesixeightdotonedotthirthyfive.local

this way you'll never forget the IP address if DNS is broken

@feld @fewl it also has the added benefit of not being possible to domain join to a Microsoft active directory server (with a 15 character limit)

Hm… Misaka's name from A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun?
Misaka 1
Misaka 2
Misaka 3

Misaka 10000

There should be enough name and it's quite related to IT, networks and compute power

@fewl May I suggest the Periodic Table of Elements as a universally consistent choice that offers a wide range of references to mythology, science and literature, as well as an index.

I like naming my home systems after science fiction computers and/or AI. AIVAS from McCaffery's books, GLaDOS from Portal, etc.

Could always follow the Geralt of Rivia horse naming convention, where he names every horse Roach

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