I actually like watching reaction videos. Bill Burr reactions are pretty enjoyable. This a weird thing, or pretty common?

**Hong Kong protesters sing 'God Save the Queen' in plea to former colonial power**

"Hundreds of Hong Kong protesters singing "God Save the Queen" and waving Union Jack flags rallied outside the British Consulate on Sunday demanding that the former colonial power ensures China honโ€ฆ"


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The constant chiming of the notification sound that Outlook makes when it's downloading new messages is like Chinese water torture.

Eminem is the best lyricist alive. Change my mind.

Dear TV commercials: it's problematic when you claim the people features in your commercials are "real people" and not actors. I think we can all agree that actors are also real people. โœŠ

I heard an interview with the founder of Impossible Foods. A bunch of the questions he received were either "as a vegetarian..." or "is it healthier?". His response to both was that it's not intended for vegans or to be healthy, it's soul purpose is to be more environmentally friendly than beef.

Everyone should take the opportunity to recount where they were and how they felt on every 9/11 anniversary. Do it every year until your friends or family know your story by heart. Doing so ensures "Never Forget" is something real and not just a motto.

I know lava is "like lava to an ant", but I think a pot of boiling spaghetti sauce is too. ๐Ÿœ๐ŸŒ‹๐Ÿค”

In the late-90s or so, when AOL still ruled cyberspace, this was a method used to boot people offline. AOL chatrooms allowed users to play any wave files used by the program, like the "You've got mail" clip, by typing {s gotmail (for example). If the wav existed on other's computers it would play the sound for them as well. Someone found that if you entered {s aux/aux it would crash the computer of every user in the chat room. Good times.

Saw their booth at a DevOps conference. I asked "aren't you guys like open-source intelligence?" to which they explained they are a big data company with many uses. They have some flashy promotional material.

Some older, inactive Mastodon accounts are being turned into spam accounts.

Every account I've checked has been in the haveibeenpwned.com database, i.e. the spammers are using breaches from other websites and randomly trying e-mail/password combinations to get access to those accounts, insert spam links in the bio and start following people.

An exceptionally simple defence against this happening to you is using two-factor authentication. Check your account settings to see how to enable it.

Hey Kids! If you notice your cell signal going from 5 bars to 1 or even 0 when you're at school, remember that cell jamming is very very illegal, ZERO schools have permission to run one, and the FCC would definitely like to hear from you!


I have a very stupid question. If I have a video card that supports RTX, how do I play Minecraft with "RTX On"?

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the write color theme for your code editor. Now I can't get anything done.

Am I pretentious to want to buy a personalized metal stamper to seal letters with wax?

It's gonna be so weird when we get older and only our kids speak the same languages and all of us parents need our kids to be translators.

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