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Hello Mastodon!

This is the official account for the Firefox Profilemaker at

The new design for the profile generator is online!

Please send us feedback and tell us when anything doesn't work for you.

As before, you need to have first-party Javascript enabled, but we finally got rid of bootstrap and jQuery.

We enabled the Github discussions feature to have a forum that is closer to the project than the subreddit and better suitable for some questions than the Github issues.

We now have a Dockerfile.

The Dockerfile runs the testserver and is intended to make it easier to build a development environment.

If you want to deploy the project, you should use a WSGI server like gunicorn behind a reverse proxy like nginx.

We just changed the name of the default profile to "All Options".

This should end the confusion about "Default" vs. "Private browsing only" profiles.

The support for generating enterprise policies is now implemented.

At the moment there is one setting (disable searching for updates) that is only supported with enterprise policies implemented, but other enterprise policy features will follow.

Using enterprise policies may even be preferable, as they automatically load the latest versions of addons and reset changed preferences.

Tell us, if you find bugs in this new feature.

An idea for a new export format: Using Mozilla enterprise policies instead of prefs.js.

- Some policies are not available as settings
- Can be installed before creating a profile
- Better addon installation

- Settings are system-wide defaults and not per profile.

Does anyone know, if is privacy relevant, when you do not actively use it?

We reorganized the categories:
- "Firefox Tracking" was renamed to "Browser Features", what is a bit more neutral.
- "Addon Tracking" was merged into the Addons section

In addition, the option now sets the mode to "5" (explicit opt-out) again, after we set it to "0" (off) until Firefox 68esr is the new extended support release, see

This account is for announcements and general discussion about , web and settings.

For bugs and concrete suggestions, please use our bugtracker.
For longer discussions you may want to have a look at our subreddit.

For everything else, feel free to chat with us here.


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Hello Mastodon!

This is the official account for the Firefox Profilemaker at


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