*Finally* finished writing! I promised to share so here it is.


Funny how I'm more excited to share with people "out there" than to submit to my prof. (Should go without saying that your feedback means more). πŸ˜‰β€‹

Anyway, this is 1/2 in my "summer papers that must be written" collection. It is about the problems with big prizes (Global Learning XPRIZE), big ed tech and, well, just big.

Comments good, bad and ugly always welcome.

@tdorey Just read through it; thank you! There's a lot there to think about. I remember first hearing about OLPC many years ago and thinking it was a fantastic thing (this was long before I started learning about pedagogy). Now I find the more learn about pedagogy, the more these kind of techno-optimistic initiatives send shivers down my spine.

I wonder if @Downes will introduce some of these issues in his new e-learning 3.0 MOOC. (Somehow, I imagine so.πŸ™‚ )

@fgraver @tdorey Power, agency, control, influence - these are all important topics. I don't have explicit plans to cover them, but maybe I should.


@Downes @tdorey Couldn't hurt. The more edtech evangelists present their solutions as the saviours of humanity (and I thought that was hyperbole until I read the XPRIZE mission), the more important it becomes to examine the ideologies and structures behind them.

On the other hand, it's such a big topic, I suppose the danger is it'll take over your course as planned.

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@fgraver @tdorey No - I've tentatively slotted it in near the end. The earlier units offer a lot of potential solutions, and I want the discussion to occur in this context.

Of course, the discussion could continue long after the course... which would be good.

@Downes Looking forward to seeing the plans for the course. And perhaps @tdorey could be one of the guests for that section? (Hope you don't mind being volunteered like that, Tanya)

I'm hoping to follow the course when it starts, but probably won't be among the most active. But a continuing discussion would definitely be a good thing.

@fgraver No problem Fredrik and thanks for reading. Always happy to see you here!


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