@lauraritchie @fgraver well you got me going... I'm your first follower Fredrik ... pixelfed.social/ggevalt ... a little squirrelly, but interesting. thanks.

@GeoffreyGevalt @lauraritchie @fgraver I had a go at registering but got into a loop. Will keep at it!

@GeoffreyGevalt @lauraritchie @fgraver

Ok I’m in, as kbowles. (katebowles was taken, by me, then I lost my way back to it via an email mishap.)

I saw the extraordinary trees and the cracks in ice.


@lauraritchie @katebowles @GeoffreyGevalt Wonderful to see all of you there! I think from me you can expect Norwegian landskapes posted at irregular intervals...

@lauraritchie @katebowles @GeoffreyGevalt — I figured with 3 followers, I should have 3 posts... No wonderful patterns in the ice like Geoffrey, but lots of snow!

@fgraver @lauraritchie @GeoffreyGevalt I’m also pretty happy that hashtags work, as that can host collaborative curation. I’m a collector of but also and .

@katebowles @fgraver @lauraritchie being a wordy type, kate, it is hard to sacrifice words for hashtags. BUT, I so appreciate what I found when I linked up with , and ... thank you.

@fgraver @lauraritchie @katebowles looking outside my window in my writing space, I do NOT see any Norwegian landscape so would be happy to see some. Even at irregular intervals which, in the last analysis, are the best kind of intervals there can be.

@katebowles @lauraritchie @fgraver I followed you. When I search it @kbowles it comes up twice but appears to be the same.

@fgraver I think that's the first time I've seen a picture of your face beside the partial thumbnail here. Feels like I've met another side of you somehow. :)

@lauraritchie :D I have 4-5 pictures I uses in various online contexts. I'm not a very cooperative subject for photgraphers...

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