I love my job, but increasingly I’m starting to wonder if it’s good for my health. I was hoping at some point it would become possible to work within normal (or somewhat normal) work hours, but it’s not. I’m drained.

@fgraver there's a tipping point, I think.

I've watched other people tip and take the risk to change. I wonder if that will ever be me or you or someone I know. There's something to be said for building the next thing so the jump doesn't feel like a freefall. I'm not sure I'd know where to begin.

I know that you're worth more than damaging your health though.

@lauraritchie thank you :)

I've taken big leaps before, but somehow it seems different this time -- perhaps because this job feels more like a calling than a job...

I've been following your tip to LA on here — I can understand the pull to move "home". I came back to Norway in 2006 after 27 years in Canada. You *can* go home again (and bring a family with you; mine has settled in well here even if it took my daughter going back to Canada for university to realise she's Norwegian)

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