I'd be curious to know what experiences people have with these alternatives to gmail:

I've had a gmail account since 2006, but am finding it harder and harder to live with Google.

I'm considering Posteo; I don't mind paying up front and it seems like you get the most for your money β€” but would like to hear people's experiences.

I'm an email packrat, and would like to keep all my emails. Calendar and contacts are useful too.

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Protonmail has served me very reliably and the interface is clean.

@fgraver Only got experience with the free version of ProtonMail of those mentioned but it worked well and no real complaints as far as I can remember.

I've chosen after trying protonmail and tutanota. Check it out, it's not e2ee but it's privacy conscious and it has calendar, Office apps and more. A great compromise.

@fgraver I use Posteo. It have a calendar functionnality. It's not the case with Protonmail (calendar is un project but it do not seem to appear soon...). I don't know for the others.

@fgraver I recently switched from Fastmail (really great service) to a self hosted mailcow. It's way easier than I thought it would be and it feels great to have full control over your email.

@fgraver hey
I'm one of the Tutanota developers and I encourage you to try it out. You can totally use it for free. I think using fully encrypted mailbox is a big upgrade, probably even bigger one than Gmail->Anything (which is worth doing still)
We don't offer the calendar yet but it's the next big thing on the roadmap and we'll start working on it soon!
Import is also not there yet but is planned. I'm not sure if it's worth tradeoff for you or not but just wanted to tell.

@charlag Thanks for reaching out!

I've looked at Tutanota, and it's definitely among the ones I'm considering. How's the integration with 3rd-party email apps through IMAP? I use Airmail mostly; it makes moving emails between accounts pretty simple, so an importer is not essential.

@fgraver there's no way to do e2e encryption and just use IMAP, unfortunately. We'll add IMAP support to our client and consider the bridge too.

@fgraver I use fastmail with my own domain. Nice calendar and very affordable.

@fgraver I have used Tutanota in the past, but the need to use their client was not the best for me. So I switched to Posteo a few years ago and I couldn't be happier !

@fgraver Haven't used Posteo myself, but many of my friends have, and they are all pretty happy with it. The only reason I haven't switched there yet from my own provider (hosteurope) is that they don't offer own domains.

Also, their office is 15 minutes by foot from mine. So if you have a question, I could go there and ask them in person :)

@turion Thanks; so far I don't have any questions that need to be asked in person :)

It seems like Posteo provides a good balance between privacy, security and convenience, which might be what I'm looking for.

@fgraver I opened an account with posteo last week. I'm not using the calendar or contacts. I'm happy with the IMAP access thus far. I think the cost is very reasonable. One thing you may want to check is the cost of extra storage if you have as much mail as you make it sound.

@fgraver I have a uberspace ( where I once Pointed my own domain to.

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