so hey people, there's been one academic paper on openness since 1997... I think this is our time. :)
@econproph @mahabali @katebowles @ShorterPearson @fgraver @twryst lots more people to tag... we had talked about it months ago. I haven't forgotten. Come May, I have time to write.

@fgraver Hello! I'm curious: when you were absent, what made that happen? I'm thinking about my own awayness. When life got tough for a moment I lost sight of this, but Twitter kept hold of me in its thousand little claws.

What is that about?

@lauraritchie @twryst @ShorterPearson @mahabali @econproph

@katebowles I've been - and still am - overwhelmed by the demands of my 3 jobs all that comes with them. As a result I've been much less involved in all social media the past couple of months. The only place I've manged to maintain a presence is Twitter - and I think that's because the level of comittment required is minimal.

I hope life is less tough for you now. Sending hugs. @econproph @mahabali @ShorterPearson @twryst @lauraritchie

@fgraver @lauraritchie @twryst @ShorterPearson @mahabali @econproph I really understand this idea of Twitter's low threshold for presence. When all other effort I find myself slumped over Twitter.

Here I think I want to bring my most attentive self. So, ironically, Mastodon ends up neglected when I'm depleted because It's more important to me.

"... ends up neglected when I'm depleted because It's more important to me."

Some days this feels like the story of my life. Thinking when things get busy, it is easier to do the things that involve the least investment & emotional risk, the least chance of failure.

The more I break this cycle though, the better I feel. I need to think about this more...

@katebowles @econproph @mahabali @ShorterPearson @twryst @lauraritchie @fgraver


@Tdorey I want to pick up this thread as I've been thinking about it. For me it's not about investment and risk, but about having energy and focus to be able to give something back.

I've been completely exhausted and just haven't had the capacity to engage in conversation in any meaningful way. Lurking here and reading what others write has been the equivalent of just hanging out in silence and being comforted by that.

@lauraritchie @twryst @ShorterPearson @mahabali @econproph @katebowles

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@fgraver that is the nicest sentiment. -not the too busy bit, but the hanging out in silence and being comforted.

I'm going to have a cup of tea and soak that one in. Thank you for taking the time to write it. :)

@katebowles @econproph @mahabali @ShorterPearson @twryst @Tdorey

@lauraritchie @Tdorey @twryst @mahabali @econproph @katebowles @fgraver

Here's the thing: when I'm exhausted, I just start blabbing. And hopefully not too aimlessly, but with a bit less filter.

Part of my happiness here is that this platform is a little more accepting (and some new, dear friends are a lot *more* accepting) of vaguely aimless blabbing.

So here's another "thanks for putting up with me" along with a "if you just need to talk, I'll listen".

@ShorterPearson @fgraver @econproph @mahabali @twryst @Tdorey @lauraritchie I appreciate this comfort in silence very much, just as I love that someone feels comforted to talk. There's a compassionate listening in all this.

@ShorterPearson Hope you can be un-exhausted soon. Not sure if you get any time off over Easter. We get a blissful 4 day weekend across the country, so WHOLE family is home- and today we all slept past the sunrise.

No cars. Only the sound of the birds and the itinerant bumblebee (fluffy & size of shooter marble) that comes by every morning to check if our bedroom window has morphed into a flower yet. @fgraver @katebowles @econproph @mahabali @twryst @Tdorey

@lauraritchie for the record, we do get the Good Friday holiday off

so I slept all the way in today, and it was overdue

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