The accounting part of my job is so much like being a detective. Just call me Dick Fish.

Video game tech/mechanic idea:
RPG where the dimensions of the environment slowly changes over time. For example you go back to a town after a while and find the town square much smaller than you remember it being.

I could post about how awful I feel but instead I’ll post about how I’m thinking about posting another picture of my cat.

All the people here
Like flatulent mockingbirds
Speak in haiku verse.
This cat, however,
With the chill of graveyard nights,
Silently mews terse.

Started playing Dragon Quest XI and everyone is constantly like, “Now that you’re a grownup you can do grownup things the way grownups do. Look at how grown up you are!”

When I get to the final boss I fully expect them to say “Only grownups can defeat me!” and I’m gonna so be like, “WELL GUESS WHAT”

On this, the internet 2018, does one get ups, boosts, thumbies, retwats, tumblepumps, etc by merely doing a birth??

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