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On 23 August 2020, 12 Hong Kong protesters aged between 16 to 33, set out on a boat, 3 days later, the chinese Coast guard announced on chinese social media they were arrested for 'illegal immigration' into china. The media reported conflicting reports on the locations of arrests. Informations is scared, controlled by the chinese Coast guard, they are currently being held in ShenZhen

The problem in Hong Kong is that you can basically get away from any crime when the Department of Justice decided not to prosecute you and they will do that just because you are a pro China person.

You can't even request for private prosecution as the Department of Justice can always intervene your case and cancel it.

That's why Hong Kong can never succeed under China's control. There is no Justice in this city.

Hong Kong Independence is the only way out.

Another angle:
A pregnant woman is pushed down by the . Police then pepper spraying her husband and the reporters nearby.

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A pregnant woman is pushed down by the . Police then pepper spraying her husband and the reporters nearby.

2020, THE TRUTH OF 31.08.19


ปี 2020 แล้ว ความจริงของการจู่โจม

ชาวฮ่องกงกำลังรอให้ MTR (รถไฟฟ้าใต้ดิน)
ในวันที่ 31 สิงหาคม จากกล้อง CCTV แบบที่ไม่มีการแก้ไข พวกเขาต้องการรู้ความจริง


The Hong Kong Police has become terrorists. They attacked passengers indiscriminately on the train.


This first aid personnel was crying so badly because the Hong Kong Police had refused him to enter to the MTR station for saving injured people.

12 HK activists and protestors were arrested by the mainland China Coast Guard for illegal border crossing. The youngest person is a 16 years old student. They are now being detained in mainland China.

They are more than just a number or a blurred face, they are living HK teens that could be enjoying life but chose to fight for freedom.

Please help us get them back to HK by sharing the news and raise the international awareness!

It doesn't make it right when US or any other countires in the world are doing the same thing.

At least there are some cases that police are being prosecuted and end up in jail after what they have done, and you can always put the case on court even the goverment didn't.

Also, you won't get prosecuted just because you said you want your state to be independent from US.

Under the rule of China, the Hong Kong legal system is a JOKE!!

A taxi rams into pro-democracy protester.

A corp shoot a 21 years old unarmed protester.

They both get away without any investigation and even private prosecutions are intervened and withdraw by the Secretary for Justice.

It has been 9 months since Chow Tsz-lok is dead.

The government claims it was an "accident", but we all know he was killed by the Hong Kong Police Force.

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This flag does not represent us.
It is just a symbol imposed by the Chinese government.

ProtonVPN will . In July and August, we're donating 50% of our Hong Kong revenue to organizations fighting for freedom in Hong Kong. You can also make a donation - 100% of it will go to support democracy. Over the course of this campaign, we hope to raise over HK$1,000,000 (about US$130,000) to help defend freedom in Hong Kong. You can read more about this initiative here:

Check out our collaboration piece with Lausan interlinking the Hongkonger struggle against the National Security Law with the Philippine struggle against the Terror Law.

“Against emergency: The interlinked struggles in Hong Kong and the Philippines”

This socalled COVID-19 virus is invented by the Chinese goverment. They are taking advantage of it.


This 12 years old American Youtuber, Matan Even, run a Youtube Channel criticizing the Hong Kong Police Force violence.

"Supporters overseas can make a difference." He said.

Youtube Channel Link (On Invidious):

The Governing Body raised concerns with Mrs Carrie Lam about her commitment to the protection of human rights and the freedom of expression in Hong Kong following recent events there. In response, Mrs Lam has resigned from her Honorary Fellowship.


The open letter is too long to toot in instance.

Please find the Open Letter in below link:

During the G20 event last year, we published the open letter in serval leading publications including The New York Times in the US, The Guardian in the UK, Japan Times in Japan, The Globe and Mail in Canada, Süddeutsche Zeitung in Germany, and The Chosun Ilbo in South Korea.

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