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🙌 Signal has an iOS dev again and it shows! Small details, status clues, less crashes, and empirically haven't lost a message recently.

I might not understand this thing... but can't I run a bridge server that exposes a Mastodon instance where all users are mapped to Twitter users, allowing you to follow Twitter timelines from here?

Would that get banned from, @Gargron?

It would be of course opt-in-by-following, no federated timeline.

A nice way to form a follow list here is to load the "Follows" tab for someone in your field from the web interface, and use the inline follow buttons.

Then pick someone from the list and repeat.

Here's mine, from my instance

Disclosing "cellphone contacts and social-media passwords" goes beyond having "nothing to hide". It jeopardises other people that trust you.

I can tolerate the TSA pat-downs, but you can't ask me to make decisions with the rights of others.

Having networks with no or known passwords on auto-join lets attackers in your vicinity MitM you.

Wrote a short script to remove non-whitelisted networks on macOS. Cleaned up over 300 SSIDs on my machine.

Alright, here's the Twitter verification.

Now, how do I automatically find people on here that I follow over there?

@isis I hear I have to ask you and flash the yolo crypto sign to get a, umh, green checkmark? :P


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