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So now I’m getting anti-globalism ads on twitter promoted by monarchies in the Middle East. That’s where we’re at, folks.


Ken Buck: "Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?"

Robert Mueller: "Yes"

That’s it. Trump is never leaving office.


I think people (read Democrats) in the US don’t quite grasp the issue at hand right now when they say X or Y Democrat candidate wouldn’t be a good president. This literally doesn’t matter anymore. The only thing that matters is defeating trump and the Republican Party. Even a half-eaten banana would be a decent president in comparison.

I love this iPad multitasking concept!

Pro Multitasking - Finder for iPad Concept by Daniel Korpai | Dribbble

Moving apartments by public transport was a very bad idea in hindsight.

I always get alarmed when I see someone unlocking a car from one of those car sharing apps. It ALWAYS looks like they’re trying to break into the car.

Best feeling when programming: “Actually, now I can think of a much more elegant way of doing this.”

Custom text drawing in Cocoa is hard. On the other hand getting it wrong can produce extremely hilarious results.

Maybe I should leave it like this...

This site is great. If only I’d remember to check it daily and if only more people from the tech space signed up...

You can literally do surgery with the iPhone since it’s made of surgical steel. With the watch ECG you can even see if your patient is still alive! Apple provides a complete experience!

Since I dropped out from Comp Sci before I got to study compilers, I’ve never had an academic tutoring on them. However, after talking with friends who are into compiler theory, I think I can pull it off. It would be a fun challenge, if anything.

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Just ran an old demo Xcode project from Github from 2012!
What is this?!

I can actually see the buttons size?!
I can actually see these are buttons!
And without having to try touching them to see if they respond!

You’re always welcome to ask me questions - I try to reply to all 👍

This month alone I’ve answered over 500 questions 😀 It’s getting harder & harder to keep up - but I’m doing my best 😅

The shorter & more specific a question is - the more likely I’ll be able to answer it 😊

It’s as if Tweetbot is a drug I’m addicted to and Twitter is taking it away from me


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