If you play an instrument let me know so I can follow you

@shoutcacophony nice! I'm just getting into keys myself. My mother was also a professional violinist.

@officialcjunior sometimes is good enough! I just started on piano and it's tough but I'm enjoying myself so far.


You know what, I just played Roses- The Chainsmokers and I can't feel my pinky finger.

@filthypinko *waves* Vocals/guitar/bass/cello/loose keys/out of time drums and a fair few more

@OsirisSaline noice! I was a cellist once upon a time but now I mainly focus on guitar and keys. I'd love to learn how to drum as well.

@oneiric_acid Nice, I used to play cello when I was a small child. My main is guitar but I've been recently been bitten by the keyboard/synth bug

@filthypinko keyboards, drums, vox, but the stuff I'm doing in the studio is almost exclusively DAW and sequencer driven stuff.

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