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Liege jetzt mit Laptop im Bett, Handy ist an den Verstärker angestöpselt, und PulseAudio streamt problemlos per WLAN vom Laptop auf die Lautsprecher - alles in unter 5 Minuten eingerichtet.

@rugk yesterday, I tried the gitea github migrator on codeberg... It horribly failed. Issues, PRs, etc. got imported, but where not assigned to the correct repository. Instead, all issues where randomly added to other projects 😭😭😭

All 53 of my projects got screwed up...

Dear lazyweb,

How do I set up :emacs: to detect .h files that are in fact C++ or Objective-C headers, and use an appropriate mode for them automatically?

And why doesn't it do that out of the box?


First post from Gnome Social, a very promising #rust app for the #gnome desktop!

Great job @brainblasted

Today I've been working with async #rustlang for a personal project. Anyone knows where to find updated docmentation about it? 😭
#rust #rustasync #async

For fuck's sake stop using fucking Slack for your open source project, christ. Get it through your fucking skulls, Dudebros. This is some basic fucking shit.

distro packaging 

I'm doing more #rust package code-review for #guix and I've gone back down the rabbit hole of getting *-sys packages to build with the system libraries. I refuse to use rust-openssl-src so we have a few that we don't actually build, which isn't too bad. It saves some headache. I'd love to unbundle backtrace-sys but we currently don't support patching rust sources, so a build system upgrade is overdue.

🎉 I got pixel perfect scrolling via scroll wheel working with my Logitech M720 mouse on GNU/Linux!!! I will write a blog-post on how to set this up, maybe I'll even manage to publish it today.

#nextcloud gets so freakin good, I really have to upgrade my instance and start using all the fancy new stuff!

Thank you so much nextcloud team!

Huge concratulations to the #nextcloud team for the 18.0.0 release ("Nextcloud Hub").

You all did an amazing job and this looks like a freakin huge attack against the spyware^w providers from overseas!

Yesterday I tried out poetry with the new pyproject.toml project layout. The experience was great! I love how the tooling works together and had a super smooth user experience! Great work folks!

I've been using #Lollypop music player for most of the day. It's a very nice app with radio and youtube song playing built in.

Fediverse personality test 

I’m testing the collective personality of the #Fediverse (well, of this part of the Fediverse)! Check all statements that apply to you or that you concur with.

@fribbledom My pet peeve. I'm a programmer; I don't (usually) need comments to tell me what the code *does*. I want to know why it's there, what it accomplishes in the grand scheme of things.

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