Es sollte mehr so Initiativen wie geben!

#psa You should probably stop using as a search engine.

#Startpage appears to have sold out to a company called "System1" who are a "pay-per-click behavioral ad company"

Please boost for exposure.

For me, nothing is more pain than working with people who don't know #git or use it in non-efficient ways.

... And #windows

Terror und die Mitte der Gesellschaft: Kollektiver Einzeltäter

Der antisemitische Anschlag in Halle kam nicht von ungefähr. Das Schweigen der Mehrheitsgesellschaft ermutigt rechtsextreme Gewalttäter.

If you want to support #Rojava, take a look at IGD's call to action and list of upcoming events. If there's nothing in your area, try to organize something if you can

And please #BoycottTurkey as well. Here's a list of Turkish companies for whom a targeted boycott has been called:

Don't be silent. Make people aware of the atrocities the Trump regime has opened the door for

#DefendRojava #RiseUp4Rojava

Liebe ! Ich brauche eure Hilfe.

Auch in Bayern ist die Digitalisierung angekommen. Und das schon 2019.

Scherz bei Seite: Meine Mutter unterrichtet seit diesem Jahr Informatik an Mittelschulen (Klasse 5-9).

Könnt ihr programmierbare spiele empfehlen, á la Lego Technik, die nicht von komischen Apps abhängig sind. Bei Lego ist das leider der Fall.

Ihr würdet ihre Schüler sicher sehr glücklich machen

Danke vorab!

Today, @fredowald and me released the v0.2.0 of cursive-async-view. 🦀 🎉

Views which are not `Send` can now be async loaded with the new API. Also, we added the possibility to display an error message, when the child view fails to load.

As the new version introduces breaking API changes, we added a small migration guide to the changelog (located in the repo).

@fredowald and me finished adding error handling to the cursive-async-view crate. We added a small animation to display an error message. The program shown is the `timeout` example from the git repository:

OK so what if I tried to write...

A #Rust tool/script that can be used as a pre-commit git hook, which would quickly check for high-entropy strings (possible secret keys) in files about to be committed...

Out of curiosity: will it be reasonably possible to encrypt and decrypt the librem 5 storage? I assume there is no possibility to open an onscreen keyboard preboot, so this would have to be done via smartcard/yubikey/libremkey? Are there plans to support encryption out of the box?

I am currently looking into removing the `Send` trait restriction for async loaded views in `cursive-async-view`.

I faced some problems regarding the callback sink of . I will look into a "good" solution tomorrow. But maybe someone here has a good idea to solve this...

I filed an issue describing my problem:

This closing keynote describes how widely different runtimes—#Rustlang, Python, Node and more—can interoperate via WASM. There's a bit of history, and a demo that shows how easy it is to write a function in Rust and call it from, say, Python.

#RustConf2019 #RustConf

Anyone is using CephFS and has experience with multiple CephFS instances on luminous?

I'm still pissed about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

From the #mutter and #gnome shell patches that I've selected for testing, on a #NVIDIA laptop connected to external displays, we go from:

* Intermittent desktop hangs that last for a few seconds, where the mouse stops responding
* Massive screen tearing of windows on external displays
* Visibly-noticeable laggy mouse movements


* No more desktop hangs
* Smooth mouse cursor movements
* Tear-free external displays
* Noticeably more responsive applications

It's like #X11 is #Wayland now.

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