I got a new keyboard for my laptop, as the arrow-down key of my old keyboard was broken. My clevo-reseller has spare parts for the premium configuration only. Therefore I had to get the RGB keyboard.

After installing the new keyboard in my laptop, the backlight was all blue, at full brightness 🙄 I couldn't change it with the onboard Fn-keys...

I had a look at the which told me to install the clevo-xsm-wmi kernel module. Installed, loaded aaaaand... still blue 🤨

I looked into the source code of the kernel module and found out that the code was checking the wrong DMI field. I changed it and tadaaaaa, keyboard backlight is now white at 1/4 the brightness level ❤

Great thanks to for sharing the source code and making the drivers patchable!!

Pull request is out on upstream!

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