I'm currently trying to setup end2end tests for my applications by comparing the contents of the terminal with capture-pane. On my local Gentoo machine this works fine. However, when running this on -ci, the terminal size is exactly one line shorter... I reproduced this with a local xenial/bionic virtual machine where I opened a tmux session and captured it. The captured text is always one line too short!
My tests are locates at

Any ideas?

It looks like this has something to do with the version shipped by travis-ci. Travis-CI is shipping tmux v2.1 in the bionic dist-image, while ubuntu provides tmux v2.6 on a plain ubuntu bionic installation. When using v2.6 my tests work fine. So now I have to figure out how to get a newer tmux version on travis-ci...

We fixed it by using >=tmux-2.6 and setting up manually in our travis CI configuration using . 👍

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