Sad day, looks like is retired at least temporarily. Going to miss the delightfully random community station.

I can't really express my sadness for the loss at the Brazilian National Museum, the pictures are gut wrenching.

It took weeks of searching, but I finally found the right tv for my retro tech collection. Its a nice 13" Sony Trinitron. Now I'm one Commodore power brick away from posting some videos.

For some reason my new Sandisk player doesn't like ogg files, even though its listed as a supported format on the box. 🤔

My new to me TI-99/4a came in the mail yesterday, excited to mash some keys!

Love rainy days with Mark Knopfler, so productive! :sidekiq:

The power of exercise cannot be understated. Yesterday I forced myself to go on what was probably the worst run in a very long time, but today I feel over 75% for the first time in months.

It's been a rough few weeks. I lost a family member and sleep has been very illusive. Gave CBD a shot with no expectations and man I'm glad I did. Still struggling with loss, but at least I'm not crazy tired anymore.

It's time to rebuild the web

"The web was never supposed to be a few walled gardens of concentrated content owned by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a few other major publishers. It was supposed to be a cacophony of different sites and voices. And it would be easy to rebuild this cacophony—indeed, it never really died. There are plenty of individual sites out there still, and they provide some (should I say most?) of the really valuable content on the web. The problem with the megasites is that they select and present "relevant" content to us. Much as we may complain about Facebook, selecting relevant content from an ocean of random sites is an important service.

We already have a tool for solving this problem. RSS lets websites provide "feeds" of news and new items. And, unlike Facebook, Feedly doesn't know anything about its users except for the sites they read."


sounds like an interesting project. I myself will be making the switch to and apps in the near future myself.

Despite constantly calling the president incompetent and possibly mentally unfit for his office many Democrats supported the continuation of domestic spy rules that should have never been created to continue

Make no mistake, the ending of agency fees would cripple already severely weakened ability to stand up for workers.

Why is no one talking about the potential of and occurring on the elite force Seal Team Six? I sift through hundreds of articles a week and I have seen only one...

Years ago, I was worried when Bush 43 created the Dept of Homeland . Today, my concerns have occurred. The agency is now used to silence descent instead of doing its job. You can't tell me there are not higher priority people for deportation than law abiding advocates who have been living here in peace for decades.

The only solution is to break up this agency. Consolidation of power always leads to the degradation of civil society.

This sort of got lost in all the -neutrality discussion last year, but it is important to highlight that your company can mine your data to sell you crap...and sell your data to third parties to push more crap on you.

I currently have locally owned broadband and my rural hometown had it to. I would rather go without than deal with one of the big telcos so many are stuck with.


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