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Why do companies send out e-mails for things like "our privacy policy changed" and then only have a link to the new policy? How am I to know what changed?

They should be required to send out a diff.

The sad fact is that the "good old days" if choosing between health care and food have been supplanted by the new standard of health care or immigration prison.

Homelessness is a serious issue in the U.S., in many ways more serious than poorer countries if only for the fact that we have the resources to address it....but callously refuse to.

Certainly their are complexities between the RoC and the PRC, but it is equally clear that the mirage of "one China" is not the solution. Likewise, pretending that their are not issues related to Tibet is an equal falsehood. Just because you say something over and over does not make it true.

I'd like to cheer this investment in trying to stem the tide against coral bleaching...but considering the depth of the problem it just seems like too little, too late

The reigning political philosophy in Finland is that people are the greatest asset (rather than oil or industry). So they invest in humanist agendas, like all-inclusive education: spend more money on the poorest performing students, giving them a boost to invite them into the fold. I believe in that way of life. I currently live in Hollywood, CA where the people in charge encourage eating one another's babies. Finland can't be perfect, but at least they aim in the right direction.

Gerrymandering has long been an issue in the U.S. that spans both parties. With the advent of advanced mapping technology coming to pass during the last census it has now become weaponized.

The U.S. needs clear apportionment guidelines and may even need a constitutional amendment to address this affront to the basic right to vote.

Amazon continues to kill jobs for no good reason other than to do so an pocket more money on the backs of those struggling.

Technology should serve us, not billionaires. It should make us more effective, not irrelevant. It should create new opportunities, not stifle those already on the edge of a cliff.

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. This needs to be an international conversation.

Though Pay Day Loan establishments provide important banking options in areas with very few options, stalling on common sense rules serves no good...except to the industry

House Intelligence Committee’s NSA Surveillance Bill Includes New Threats and Old

Thrown last-minute into a torrent of competing legislation, a new bill meant to expand the NSA’s broad surveillance powers is the most recent threat to American privacy. It increases who is subject to surveillance, allows warrantless search of American communications, expands how collected data can...

I just want to say is amazing. You are also amazing. Don't stop being amazing.

Triple mocha just saved my life. is one of my closest and most important friends.

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