the existence of a legal name implies the existence of a better, sexier illegal name

A portrait I got of Aisedza Farrwilfsyn, my FFXIV character. Done by, who always knocks anything I give her so far out of the park that it gets sent into low-earth orbit.

I love fantastic domesticity...

Dragon post offices, laundrymats on mars...

I don't know, no matter where you are, the fact that places exist means people are here, and they need to do the things people do, no matter what shape or size they are.

brassica oleracea is such a cool and useful plant. it's fascinating to me how it's been artificially selected into a bunch of almost entirely unrecognizable yet characteristically unique cultivars.

i say unique because look at all these fractal-like patterns! these are all the same species of plant!!

I have an irrational fear of cathedral cities and county towns in the southwest of england. you might say I’m 


we got a
number one victory royale
yeah fortnite we bout to get down

twitter crosspost 

microprocessor, noun: a tiny robot girl that sits on your desk.

making up a guy 

a guy who only uses the words "american football" to refer to MLS and other organizations for association football ⚽ that operate in north america

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is launching their new streaming service tomorrow.

Everything* from Seasons 1-10 will be available to stream on demand for free**, and you can rent or buy episodes from Season 11-13.

They're hoping that the money they make from this service will help them fund more episodes in the future, and I'm hoping it works.

* They no longer hold the rights to a lot of their movies, but it's still well over 100 episodes.

** Their plan is to have ad support in about a month.

doll uncertain of her own size

most days, she can fit comfortably on your desk next to your coffee mug, calm and Still; people ask which anime she's from

if it's quiet, she can be comfortable at your height

but make her nervous and she looms awkward and large as the building.

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