New Yorker Cartoon 

Standing outside a building with a neon sign reading Crêpe Shop.

"I heard they were all the rage and I want in."

true friends are the people you remove the ?data= queries at the ends of your links for

I'm going to bed now. Rest well, everyone, after enjoying this idea that wouldn't leave my head.

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EVERY MORNING I OPEN PALM SLAM A NEW PIN DESIGN INTO MY KICKSTARTER STRETCH GOAL TIER. And if our campaign hits $4,400, we can make these THE MOVES pins real! Other, less completely doofy designs are also available! #queervillainpride

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I just learned there was a Gundam-themed home computer in the 80s and I have never desired a more useless object so immediately.

Air Bud Zack Snyder cut (same movie, but the golden retriever misses a free throw and yells "fuck!")

clerks was p much the podcast of it's era, before that, 2 white guys talking about dumb pop culture shit for 2 ish hours? unheard of, kevin smith was revolutionary

fucked up that the UK just calls it a bank robbery and not a quidnapping

i'm thinking about technomancy, and how a keytar is probably one of the best instruments to channel your powers with

I find this highly discriminating... where's the "I'm totally a robot, thanks for noticing" checkbox?!

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