A good rule of thumb is your fursona should be you, but at your true gay potential.

The leaves fall across the pasture, drifting over pumpkins and squashes. On hoof-falls that sound like sturdy, ancient wood, comes a deer woman. Her horns of gnarled branches part the air, which smells of familiar spices.

You open the door, Autumn has come to stay.

i know it's a case of a million monkeys with a million typewriters but the meme machine is putting out some fire images ngl

Coffer Talk / ☕ 

I only got the small pumpkin spice mess and I should be lauded for my restraint. 🎃

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Listening to Kraftwerk on a record player is robot culture.

There once was a man from Peru
Whose limericks would end on line two

NSFW / Robot / Furry 

*immediately flirts with the resulting object*

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NSFW / Robot / Furry 

Fighting game Dax is a villain with an all or nothing Proton Canon-style move that turns the opponent into a robot cat-boy / cat-girl.

Robot / Memetic Damage 

Thinking about how lies and eating hot chip might be construed as violations of the 3 Laws.

Just found this in my phone's downloads folder, and I like the "me" energy I've captured here

Zusammen in der S-Bahn fahren wir wieder zu mir und zeige sein neues Zuhause :-)


robo kink 

tired: robots with human faces
wired: robots with inhuman faces
inspired: robots with no faces
desired: robots with no faces but they DO have terrifying skeletal jaws

fellas, is it gay to smooch yourself? i mean youre literally smooching yourself

my favorite warchmen is the one who carries around a bowling ball with the spirit of her dead dad in it

if you leave little mans out in the sun then you have warmhammer

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