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my advice for creating stuff is just to make a shittier version of the thing you want to create. Then years later you will look back on it and realise you actually made the good version, you just didn't realise it at the time

Always knew I had a resting bitch face since strangers asked me "why aren't you smiling?" at age 9 as I browsed candy in the supermarket.

Glad someone finally caught a really deadly one on camera.

Yup, peddling a cure-all for a variety of unrelated ailments is definitely not snakeoil, right?

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seriously though please consider an alternate 1992 in which Creative did not (perhaps through corporate malfeasance) beat the Adlib Gold to market, and this beast ended up being the primary sound card that Doom's soundtrack targeted:

The bodega in my office building lobby got replaced with a fancy coffee shop a couple years ago. The kind that only takes credit and wants to email you a recipt "cause we all need to think about the environment."

Then that got replaced with a fancier convenience store you couldn't honestly call a bodega.

Today it's a teal and pine veneered CBD shop, what the ACKtual yuppie heck.

When I describe myself as a "domestic goddess", I really need you to think less Martha and more Eris and Enyo.

I have a personal website where I post art and blog. A while back I changed it to generate static pages on build rather than serve live from a database; I consider this a win for simplicity.

But now I want to play around with webmentions and other decentralized social stuff, and the idea of having to bring back a persistence layer is making me shudder.

I wonder how folks with (mostly) static sites balance this.

Oh no, it's an post. I'm Jess.

I draw. I make websites. I make interactive art installations. One of them is free software that you can run if you have a Kinect or similar.

Sometimes people like the stories I tell about tech. I'm sure they'd tell me if they didn't... I think that makes me a Noted Tech Speaker in NYC.


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