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I was recently talking to my dad about the whole privacy vs "I have nothing to hide," discussion going on recently and he gave me an interesting insight.

Forty years ago the idea that your government would open and read every item of post that was delivered regardless of delivery company would have been preposterous and a breach of privacy that media and citizen would condemn in unison as dangerous government overreach.

And yet here we are today with essentially the same thing happening in the digital sense and the general public seem ambivalent at best and complacent at worst.


Every. freaking. year. Except leap years, when I have to keep checking anyway, because everything seems one day out, and are you sure the 15th is a Thursday?

Can't we reinstate a reasonable number of days in February, so I can stop looking like an idiot? I mean, I get that it's going to take a good deal more than just that, but it would be a start.

maybe i should have a permanent Out Of Office Autoreply that says something like "thanks for your email, i might reply properly later, but at the moment the idea of replying to your email, and also the fact that i am supposed to, is ruining my day, and i'm not sure i have the emotional energy to work out a better way of saying this, go fuck yourself, i didn't mean that sorry, please don't ever send me anything ever again, i want a quiet life, please let me be in peace, let my soul rest, o hecky"

I have deleted
the sketches
that were in

and which
you were probably
working from
when I pressed Delete

Forgive me
they were useless
so out of date
and so poorly aligned with the grid

"nom de guerre" is when you eat during a battle. I didn't make the rules

“I’ve seen Streak post that ‘engineers wanted’ as for at least four weeks in a row at Hacker News, surely they’ve made it a habit by now?”

Rumours are that the next iPhone will have Fight or Flight Mode.

When you’ve done something, and people complain about it, and you accuse them of virtue signalling, you are demonstrating that you lack any actual, legitimate justification for your actions. Ad hominem is a lazy argumentation tactic used by people who got nothin’, and they know it.

Mr Chope, you are a disgrace. Deliberately sabotaging laws that would protect the vulnerable is deplorable. Get the fuck out of my 21st Century.

Giant steps are what I’ll take

Walking to the moon

I hope their legs don’t break

Walking to the moon

We could walk forever

Walking to the moon

We could——

*is whipped offstage by a hook on a long pole*

What is the difference between USA and USB? 

Dear New York Times: Congratulations, you have rendered even more incomprehensible.

I am voting to discard
the backstop
that we agreed
with the EU

and which
you were probably
relying on
for jobs and food

Forgive me
I am a disaster capitalist
so rich
and so cold

If you're a white man in any space, consider helping promote non-white and/or non-men in your respective spaces.

It doesn't have to be (or rather shouldn't) 'Omg look at this amazing woman' , it can just be "this is a cool person doing a cool project" or "this person talks a lot about these important things"

By amplifying their voices you make an actual difference.

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