fuckery with Audacity.... Sorry, i mean Telemetry, Telemetry in Audacity with Google/Yandex


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If you want to contribute to #orgmode (#emacs) with a useful, easy (and yes, a bit boring) task, we are looking for someone to take charge of reproducing bugs 🐞 reported to the list:


RT appreciated. 🙏

watching Sunday With Ola (Englund) SWOLA ep50 - I realise how much i miss going to Sweden, it's been far too long

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Dan Kaminski passed, news just came out.

That’s a rough one, he did some great work.

WHAT!!!! I've watched this twice and about to watch it for a 3rd. THIS is how you play!!!!

Best guitar duel ever! Joe Bonamassa and Eric Gales~John Henry


Damon Fowler, has to be the most underrated blues musician gigging right now.


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job search for Linux sysadmin, boost+ :boost_ok:​ 

Dear friends,

I’m a Brazilian immigrant and trans woman, looking for a new job in Germany. Been doing Linux sysadmin’ing since 2001. I have experience also with programming, tech writing and translation.

The job needs to be registered locally in Germany. I’m living in the country since 2017, and I can commute in the NRW area or work remotely.

I’m fluent in English, know Japanese, and my German is currently at B2.

For CV and personal info DM me.

Thanks everybody for boosts and references!

Greta Van Fleet, well of course i like them. I like Led Zepplin too! AND yes they sound like Led Zepplin, but then again Robert Plant sounds like Janis Joplin too. I appreciate them for wearing their influences on their sleeve. The Battle of Garden's Gate so far sounds awesome - what vocals too, that kid has some voice

The Queen looked so fragile today. She has been the monarch, and I her subject, for my entire life. While I have many thoughts about absolute monarchy, it is also a little distressing to see her the way. I can not ever remember a time thinking of her as fragile. I guess at 95, and the day she buried her husband plays it's toll

wait....what...OBS can access the infrared camera on my XPS13 - okay

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Any project managers out there who want to do more and more to promote free, open and lower cost internet? A company I work for is hiring.


Boosts appreciated.

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I just quit my job and start a new one in May. Now I've got the rest of April to write some music, or even better finish some songs.
Maybe someone wants to join in? I'm always interested in collaborations and genre crossovers. @musicians #metal #rock #Guitar #vocals

everyone we love is mortal, including the person they love. The most precious thing you own is time, and even that is borrowed and must be returned on demand. How much more time will you invest today in being angry?

god bless the reception desk that keeps a spreadsheet of their employees passwords

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„Clubhouse überträgt ganz bestimmt wahrscheinlich glaub ich keine Telefonnummern an den Server!“

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"The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make this station and the nebula outside, that burn inside the stars themselves. We are star-stuff. We are the Universe, made manifest, trying to figure itself out. And, as we have both learned, sometimes the Universe needs a change of perspective."

RIP Mira Furlan

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