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Mental health stuff, therapy, work etc. 

Sooo... I probably learnt more about myself during the last 2-3 weeks through a few hours of Youtube, half a dozen medical papers and my unwanted constantly ongoing automatic reflections then through the last X months of therapy. I'm aware by now what I'm more or less abusing my therapy for - and it's a function I really needed, that aside I feel certain by now that it's the wrong therapist & type of therapy to be really helpful I don't blame her for that, the approaches she tried simply don't work because I function differently and basically my subconsciousness goes into defense and I automatically refuse to respond in a way that's actually helpful for a Freudian to work with. I guess the next round of mental gut punches will follow, when the textbook on my diagnosis arrives, but I'm fairly confident, that I can work something out for myself, that'll work... also I deeply understood why I failed in my last job and left - which is essentially the same(although for different reasons) why I left the job before. It is kind of a miracle that I have not yet killed my relationship for the same deeper reasons and I'm kinda grateful for that, as far as I'm able to feel this.

Idk if this sounds pretentious but it looks a lot like I have to define the game when it comes to work or I will at some point repeat what happened... So I guess now is the point to do something very different then I would normally do & I'm fully aware now why this is a good thing for me. Let's go team /me and work it out...

May sound weird but I have not experienced a deep positive emotional insight in a long time and esp. not one I can actually work with instead of just acknowledging. :flan_cheer:

My wife got her first bit of hate mail today, i've never been so proud!

Making old racists angry, so they need to run to a photocopier and make some pamphlet of right-wing lunacy is pretty cool. All of that hate for the massive crime of standing in the German elections concerned about the climate, and saying no to racism.

Make Nazis' Lose Again!

Have to work all weekend, just like had to work when i was sick too. Just incomplete tasks, left and left and left until someone else comes fixes them. Chaos after chaos

i've just heard an octopus described as a stealth bagpipe. It's going to be a great week

I still think about this tweet multiple times in any one week. It is peak infosec

was hoping to get a couple of hours off today. I had a terrible nights sleep, and i've been running on full steam for awhile. Of course today would be the day that everyone wants to talk to me. I'm sure i'll sleep better tonight

Just her Marjorie Taylor Greene being described as; "her id is very dumb"

on multiple levels that's fucking hilarious. Can you imagine MGT reading Freud

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”
Is a sentence that’s lived with me for over 6 months and it is regularly proved to be an axiom.

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GSoC update from Audacity: the source separation effect is basicaly working, so you can take a mix of voices/instruments and separate it into per-voice tracks


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my daughter was refereed by her music teacher at her school to the Rock School program. They've just accepted her, so now between the lessons with me, the lessons at school, and now Rock School she's 5 days a week doing music education of some sorts. That's crazy, it's awesome, and wow.

i had no idea how much i feared breaking my arm until i just watched a guitarist youtuber i've watched for while come on with a broken arm explaining how he won't be playing guitar for a while. He said that pain was worse than the break, as a human that's hard to comprehend as a guitarist........NNNNOOOOOOOOOO

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⚡ BREAKING: Interior Minister Seehofer is asking for feedback on the new cyberstrategy draft. To save strong and online, please send them an email to CSS2021@bmi.bund.de You may use this doc (or make your own on the bmi website): tutanota.com/resources/images/

found the entire concert, officially recorded. 🙏

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i hope there is a recording of this off the PA....


Chris Stapleton tribute to Prince by singing LIVE "Nothing Compares to You"


Hair stood up on this one. HAD no idea who Chris Stapleton but i've heard this covered a few time. What a voice he's got though. WOW


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We are looking for software developers!

If you live in or would like to relocate to Germany, it might be for you.

We do mostly JS w/ types and Java but also a lot of other things.

There's a lot of freedom and we don't suck.

You can write GPL code for a living!


boosts welcome!

it's been coming for years and years, was an amazing place when i started but fooking hell it's full of twats who just need to be important because they're missing something in their life. Of course every individual is an exception to the rule.

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