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also what a first week at work for them... i wanted to get them to conference as soon as possible so they could see they're part of something bigger, part of a community and as luck would have it we ended up sponsoring Steelcon and off they go to what is probably the best conference in the world to show what i meant by that. Turns out 1st week as a hacker, 1st hacker conference, and 1st trip to the UK. If carlsberg did jobs...

however back to the employing people with no experience... When i've explained to other hackers some of the things they managed to work out without any support. Every single one of them 'got' exactly why we made this happen. Truly amazing, walked out of the review and told my boss we have to employ this person, they're a natural hacker

and because i'm a sentimental old git i brought them a gift for their first day as a hacker. My gift 'The cuckoo's egg' - i hope they pass it along to someone they find one day they think is the right fit

what is mad though, is i've told two other people in similar roles as me about it and they both were shocked that we'd take someone on because they have aptitude without any technical background. The technical things can be taught, the mindset however is something else. Frankly i'm incredibly proud that we looked passed this and hired the person because of who they are

also have so much stuff going off in life i've had to get people to come and be part of that stuff - next month we take on a junior who has had no hacking experience because they have something about them that makes me think they've got what it takes. So expect me to busier. Never taught from the ground up before, but i'm excited...almost as excited as they are for their new life :D

sorry for neglecting you mastodon, life comes at you fast sometimes

When you compromise someone's keepass file, that's like; god mode activated

be rocking gogs for years, it's fucking awesome and ease self-hosted

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OH and if people are looking into self hosted git web uis, i'd suggest checking out gitea and gogs instead of gitlab. gitlab is incredibly heavy.

no rest for the wicked... back on the pwnage - past two weeks is an abject lesson in cascade failures in security posture. I've really owned a lot from one oversight that exposed moar oversights, and now all teh oversights are minez

just finished my security-fest keynote - ProtoSwedishHipsters the forefathers of europe

been one hell of a week, pfff i've never owned so much in one place before - double figures for the services/servers i put in my back pocket

TBF i now ask in all my riders not to be given a parrot too

and then there was his rider he sent for a conference once, zomg i thought it was an urban legend till i received it

my fav one when he bitched about the university linux society not being called the gnu/linux society, i told him i would table a vote and ask the members to vote on us being called the linux/gnu society - he did not see the funny side

i have stories about RMS, i had the great pleasure of dealing with him a few times.... i also fired him as a speaker once too

things at work are changing... today we on-board my assistant. crazy that happened tbh but it has, and we've got a junior pen-tester starting in July - who has never been a hacker, but has something special about them and IMHO worth the time and effort to grow that talent.

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It's easy to look at Wikipedia's success and then scoff at the donation requests made to the general public but we must remember that they have to support that success with servers, employees, and bandwidth.

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