What is beyond remedy is beyond regret.

hope you peeps are good! Been mad busy ergo the quietness. But hope you're all doing good

The quickest way to fall out of love with a political party is to become a member.

and if you're a Scottish Conservatives MP you lost at life anyway!

Basically if you've watched any battle rap in your life. That's the British Parliament. You need good writens, flips, and good freestyle. All of that counts for nothing if you don't have any crowd control. Government bodybagged Democracy! Three Oh

I need to stop arguing with politicians on the news. I mean even if i was in the room they'd not be listening, but jeeeeezzzz

Dear ,

Listen, i'm not sure what you're thinking releasing a limited edition swamp ash SE edition to the European market!!! Especially as they are only 750 of them! You know i didn't need a new , and you still did this!

Now, i'll do the right thing here, even though i don't really need it!


p.s squeal new guitar day coming soon :D


and out of interest, which planets do we think are viable alternative to this one? I seriously want to get the f'ck off this ride!!!!

Yesterday i got to be a good guy again. Sometime today a fellow geek with musical tendencies will be having a new looper pedal. Whilst this doesn't sound all that cool to you, he can now make his own backing tracks, vocal tracks, ad-hoc. I also got him a guitar a few months back, and i take much joy in him being musical again. Giving sometimes is it's own reward

Every day i think about Mike, still hard for me to come to terms he'll never call me 'petal' again :'(

What is interesting though, is he's still causing drama on Twitter via proxy...

Because he was a fucking legend like that :D

I gave this talk in dedication to my much missed and loved friend Mike Kemp, who is passed this year. What was amazing is BSidesLiverpool itself was also dedicated to Mike as well. Was an amazingly wonderful thing for them to do. GBNF

oh, here is my BSidesLiverpool talk from July.

Machiavelli's Guide To InfoSec! - Arron 'Finux' Finnon


today i find myself in the unusual position of having to force my own annual leave on myself. As you know, i've had a hella of a 18 months. i'm depleted and in need of the R&R. it is easy to forget when leading people, you must lead yourself at the same time. no matter how inconvenient you might be to your own plans.

peace Xx

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also i don't have any friends to invite so by all means invite yourself

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Because of family issues, I find it too much of a hassle to celebrate my birthday (Sept 25) with them. So, open invitation to people who know me: come visit me for my bday on Sept 21 (Saturday).

BOOM - one of the juniors just ripped a retest to tiny little pieces in record time. OMG, i could have not asked for a better lesson in the dangers of patching the PoC.

hi peeps, long time no speak, and it's my fault. Super crazy July :D

Got a new stringed friend today, i say new but it was actually built in 1987 and it is an East German copy of a US Fender Strat. Something a little different to add to the collection

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Quote of the week comes from @finux : "everything is [an] external [system] if you try hard enough"

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