So, I've been asked to come and present Mailpile at a privacy/blockchain-themed conference.

Pros: I like going to cons now and then. I like presenting my work. Since current work is funded by the Bitcoin lottery, we're quite on-topic. Interesting location.

Cons: Takes time, money. All male speaker list. Blockchain community is notoriously toxic, not sure I want to be affiliated with it TBH.

Maybe I should set aside my prejudice and just check it out? Or is that just enabling?

@HerraBRE any opportunity to practice and engage with audiences outside your usual comfort zone is beneficial. It forces us to think and describe things differently which can have a personal/project benefit before you even start, it also helps your project/company's visibility. BUT if you've decided it's going to be wank before you start, it's probably going to be wank. If something is notorious, you should check it with your own eyes. The all male things is fucking shit though!!!!

@HerraBRE what i's say about 'all male' line ups it's incredibly hard to know if that is a result of misogyny or if women didn't want to talk. I can think of twice before in my life that conference managed by equally male/female split have had all male line up. It's unfair to make anyone speak as a requirement to support their gender. Yet i guess if you don't do anything to support a gender split in lines ups, it won't happen either. Maybe you could ask the female attendees why they didn't speak

@finux Yes, finding women who are willing to speak is more work.

But, I also think it is important work and I prefer to speak at and support events which agree with me on that.

I have met a whole bunch of interesting women in the digital privacy sector, who speak regularly. If they couldn't even find one then either they didn't try very hard or they failed to convince the women that it would be a pleasant experience for them.

Neither is a good sign.


@HerraBRE as i said, you could be right but you could be wrong too. Is there any women on the organisation committee of the conference, if so they may have a better insight than either of our speculation and if not i guess you've found your answer

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@HerraBRE also this maybe a wonderful opportunity to have a female colleague from your company/project to speak in your place too

@finux To me, whether they have a women on their committee or not is almost entirely irrelevant.

Not all men share my values on this... and not all women do either. Judging them by the outcome of their work is the only reasonable approach.

Also, if I'm concerned an event is actually going to be misogynistic and obnoxious, I wouldn't exactly be doing my female colleagues any favours sending them, now would I?

@HerraBRE well i'd differ on the opinion tbh, and whilst you may find it irreverent it does show to me that in the very fabric of the org, men & women have opinions at it's growth. It's dangerous to throw ideas & thoughts away because they're not ours, it's equally dangerous to presume we understand something/org without at least trying to ask. Presumptions nearly are always dangerous & ill founded. However i think you should probably duck out of this con tbh, doesn't sound like they fit you

@HerraBRE i'm sure you will but please keep us informed, we tired very hard at BSidesHamburg/HamburgSides to have a speaker split and it required both CFPs and Invitations. We had a wonderful talk by Marion Marschalek on the blackhoodie initiative she started to bring more female hackers in to reverse-engineering. Was incredibly educational to an old git like me :D - cc - sort of echoed what you tooted there :D

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