@finux My fav is Arch, which is pretty similar to Gentoo here.

@minego it's like that old joke;

Q: How many Gentoo developers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: Pffft, it's not that dark!!!

You could easily re-purpose that for Arch :D

@finux The Arch answer would be: No idea, but here are 13 wiki pages describing all your lightbulb options, and dependencies, and instructions, etc.

@finux Used to be the last one was Slackware's spot. Except cutting off the branch so you *can't* go back.

@Nezchan oh my days now that is going back, it's been a long time since someone utter the words 'slackware' to me

@finux My friend compared Windows (at the time CP) as an overly friendly but incompetent waiter. "Oh, you'll love this! I know you didn't order it but it's wonderful! Oh, I'm sorry I spilled it all in your lap!".

Meanwhile Slack was the surly cook who throws a bunch of raw ingredients on the table and says "Here, make the damn thing yourself."

@finux XP, not CP. That's what I get for not paying attention.

@Nezchan the horrid truth is XP was probably their best OS too

@Nezchan the brighter the candle the sooner the darkness - RIP BOB

@finux BSD: kicks you off the branch, but gives you a manual on flying first

@a_breakin_glass @finux you'd better be a fast reader and very good at reading while falling

Arch: "Fly, don't fly. idc tbh."
Debian: "you can't flap your wings that way, it's proprietary"
RHEL: "you need a license before you fly"

@finux see also: Slackware (my first distro) (humblebrag)

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