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what 3d software do you recommend that isnt blender

ive been trying to use blender for approximately 8 years and every time i have a project that requires me to use blender, the project ends up not succeeding or being abandoned, and im starting to think that maybe the problem is blender

Robert Holmes villain @fireh9lly

@jk it is literally just: Blender. but what if a human could actually understand how to use it

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@fireh9lly @jk

How do interfaces like Blender happen

A twisted part of me wants to understand the psychopathology involved

@natecull @jk The boring answer is that Blender is about 15 years old, so predating a fair amount of 3D modelling software, and going with non-standard controls. then it just poured in loads and loads of extra features as 3D workflows changed over the years, without cleaning up the old shit

@natecull @jk add to that a userbase made up of reactionary diehards who LOVE that they're smart enough to remember the hell-interface and rage if you touch so much as a button, AND then you take away any kind of need to compete in the market or financial incentive because lol it's free and the next cheapest software is about $1000 so everyone's dependent on your software, and you've just got a perfect storm of horrible design decisions and no reason to touch anything at all

@natecull @jk capitalism fucking sucks but you cannot imagine Autodesk making a project this incomprehensible because they know they would go bankrupt if they did.

@fireh9lly @jk @natecull the company that made Blender did go bankrupt

@fireh9lly this is interesting. I always have been intimidated by the Blender interface until I started learning it for gamedev. So I learned the shortcuts.

I feel they are scattered all over the place, but once learned I felt productive enough. And nowadays I'm using Godot, but it is a bit frustrating because everything is hidden under a lot of clicks.

I won't defend Blender's interface to the death, but it worked out for me, so I think this software _can_ still be relevant today.

@fireh9lly @natecull @jk you're right, but it's much older than that. 15 years ago, all of the established modelling software existed and were, well, already established.

Blender originates from the Amiga back in the 80's, and that's where the weird UI I'd coming from.

But, don't blame the Amiga for the bad UI. Lightwave also comes from that platform, and that application is really easy to use.

@loke @fireh9lly @jk

but but

Amiga is good

how can Amiga have been... BAD??

all these years....?

@natecull @fireh9lly @jk the Amiga was good, but the UI, as advanced as it was for the time (and still is, to some degree), it wasn't fantastic. Three were a bunch of really annoying features, like a window having to completely stay on the screen at all time. I'm sure this was because of platform limitations though.

There was an article written recently about the history of Blender. It's quite interesting.

@natecull @jk @fireh9lly It doesn't actually predate 3DS Max, or Lightwave (do people still use that?), and was released the same year as Maya though.

@natecull @fireh9lly @jk "use ALL the keyboard shortcuts!", codified into a whole program

@fireh9lly @jk Blender is annoying. Once I learned the hotkeys, I was blazing fast with it. Then I stopped using it for a while and...couldn't figure it out again. I'm going to give this thing a try. Thanks. :3

@fireh9lly @jk I just downloaded it and left click is select! This is my favourite thing ever already thank u